SUMMER BLOG SERIES: Self-Registration Kiosks - Manage Your Designated CareGivers Through a Self-Service Kiosk

A Designated Caregiver (DCG) is someone who is linked to a patient with special privileges to both allow and restrict visitors to the patient. Essentially if a DCG is not signed in to a patient at the time a new visitor tries to sign in, they will not be admitted unless they are on the “Approved Visitor” list, which is controlled by the Designated Caregiver. This is a perfect solution for hospitals with pediatric and children centers who want to add another level of customer service for patients and caregivers. 

SUMMER BLOG SERIES: Self-Registration Kiosks - Use Your Visitor Management Solution to Manage Walk-in Visitors

A self-service kiosk allows for security or receptionists to tend to other duties, as well as companies opening back up some will choose not to bring back all staff. Visitor Management Systems allow for walk-in Visitors to be processed 100% at the kiosk device, which can save time and money from the traditional walk-in registration. 

There are a few key features that are essential for processing this walk-in Visitor workflow. These are:

SUMMER BLOG SERIES: Self-Registration Kiosks - Deploy a Contactless Process for Visitor Registration

STOPware is excited to announce our SUMMER BLOG SERIES: Self-Registration Kiosks. And our first topic to tackle is how to deploy a contactless process for visitor registration. 

A popular post-pandemic requirement for visitor management is a contactless process to check-in and check-out visitors in a safe way. Today, more so than ever, visitors are required to have an appointment before arriving on site and upon arrival, will have some sort of check in process to further validate their information.