SUMMER BLOG SERIES: Self-Registration Kiosks - Deploy a Contactless Process for Visitor Registration

STOPware is excited to announce our SUMMER BLOG SERIES: Self-Registration Kiosks. And our first topic to tackle is how to deploy a contactless process for visitor registration. 

A popular post-pandemic requirement for visitor management is a contactless process to check-in and check-out visitors in a safe way. Today, more so than ever, visitors are required to have an appointment before arriving on site and upon arrival, will have some sort of check in process to further validate their information.

Create a contactless visitor registration workflow in just 3 quick steps:

1 -  Institute a visitor pre-registration and pre-approval process. A web pre-registration module provides the ability for employees, building tenants or the visitors themselves to pre-register an individual or a group of any size prior to visiting a facility. 

Things to consider when pre-registering an individual or groups of people:

  • Require advanced pre-registration for all visitors.
  • Implement an ‘optional’ approver process that can be managed to either approve or reject visit requests.
  • This approval process can also aid in the control of the number of visitors allowed per site per given time period.

2 - Send each approved visitor an email with a unique barcode or QR code pertaining to their visit. Once a visitor is pre-registered and approved in the system, they can automatically receive this email to help expedite the sign-in process once they arrive onsite.

3 - Upon arrival, the visitor simply scans the barcode or QR code from the email using their Smartphone. This can be done at a receptionist desk, a kiosk or an access point for an automated check-in process. The sign-in scan automatically triggers the visitor badge to print and the visitor can be on their way.

Visitor Management Solutions today offer various types of visitor self-registration kiosk options to limit the need for employee interaction with visitors. From desktop machines, hand-held devices and tablets to full standing customized kiosks, these solutions can all help organizations accomplish a contactless check-in process.