PassagePoint Support Center

STOPware lets your business simplify visitor management by enhancing security at your workplace . We don't just sell a solution, we become your technology partner and are here to support you every step of the way. Below you will find several resource links to get you started.

Support Plan

Protect your Visitor Management investment by keeping your Software Support Plan active for eligibility for product updates, enhancements and technical support assistance.

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Support Ticket

Self-service ticketing portal lets you automatically log your request for support & create a case number. No need to hold for the "next available technician".

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Technical Support
Knowledge Base

Explore our comprehensive knowledge base to find articles to help solve common support questions, technical requirements, configuration support, troubleshooting and more!

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Product Launcher

Let us walk you step-by-step through the product installation process for your new PassagePoint install or product upgrade to a new release.

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It's Important to Keep Your Software Support Plan Updated

For an enterprise-level software solution, access to the latest software and quality technical support is a critical component of the overall product. Technical support provided directly from the software manufacturer, ensures rapid answers to product questions, as well as prompt delivery of major product upgrades and smaller interim updates as they become available. STOPware provides approximately 4 updates per year with many new features and product enhancements.

An active Software Support Plan is required for customers to receive all software updates at no charge.

Don’t let your current support plan lapse and miss out on critical updates and new features to enhance your visitor management program.

All STOPware customers are eligible to receive any software upgrade or update that gets released within the first 30 days of purchase. After 30 days of purchase, customers must have a Software Support Plan (SSP) in place in order to receive any technical support, product upgrades or updates.

An active PassagePoint Software Support Plan is required for customers to receive answers to product questions, case management, and all software updates at no charge.

Effective 3/1/2014, any PassagePoint customer with a lapsed support plan can renew/upgrade per the schedule below.

If Remote Installation is required, it will be charged at the rate of $800 (ITR-4) for a 4-hour session and will require a minimum of 2 weeks for scheduling with the STOPware technical support team.

If a customer chooses to install software updates with internal resources, documentation will be provided or you can access our online PassagePoint Product Launcher.

Expired SSP Renewal Rates:
  • 0-6 months
    Renew at the current SSP rate retroactive to original SSP expiration date.
  • 6-12 months
    Purchase client license at 75% discount and software support plan for minimum of 1 year.
  • 12-24 months
    Purchase client license at 50% discount and software support plan for minimum of 1 year.
  • 24-36 months
    Purchase client license at 25% discount and software support plan for minimum of 1 year.
  • 36+ months
    Purchase client license at full price and software support plan for minimum of 1 year.

Contact Support
One of the benefits of a Software Support Plan (SSP) is the ability for phone support with STOPware’s Technical Support team.

If you have an active SSP, email us at or give us a call Monday thru Friday between 6am – 5pm PST @ 408-367-0220 option 2.

If you don’t have an active SSP contact for assistance.