SUMMER BLOG SERIES: Self-Registration Kiosks using Directory Sign-in

Visitor management kiosks are designed to complement the desktop workstation by diverting certain workflows to the kiosk and away from the front desk. Implementing a kiosk solution will help with shortage of staff and to expedite the check in process for visitors. 

Some customers choose to have vendors sign-in at the kiosk and other visitor types at the reception workstation. Another common theme could be completing a contactless registration for scheduled visitors, while walk-in visitors register with the front desk/ receptionist. Lastly, some customers who excel in customer service want a white glove experience by having the majority of the sign-in accomplished at the kiosk, however have some portion of the sign-in still personally handled by the receptionist or security.  For example, when the visitor completes their registration at the kiosk, the badge will be printed and presented to the visitor by an actual person who can then personally direct them to their destination. 

Many kiosk and software solutions today allow the organization to customize their kiosk workflow. Depending on the category of visitors (i.e. pre-registered visitor, patient, student, etc.) the screens presented to them and information required could all vary.

To take this a step further, a very popular workflow we are seeing today is to integrate the visitor management system with the organization’s internal directory system.  Using  the directory link add-on feature with PassagePoint, updating records is instantaneous and ongoing. Every time a visitor registers their visit, the system automatically verifies host information against the appropriate directory to make sure that access levels are authorized and current. These real-time updates improve security and protect buildings and clients against unwanted or unknown visitors, terminated employees, and the like.

Directory integrations can include:

  • LDAP
  • ODBC
  • HR
  • Access Control  

Through this kiosk sign-in, you will also have the ability to:

  • Limit information through directory filters
  • Centrally manage with real-time database access
  • Direct batch synchronization eliminates the need for text files and imports
  • Run invisibly with no change in user experience for lobby staff or visitors

Once all information is gathered, all policies are completed and the host information is verified, a badge will be printed and the visitor will be allowed to reach the assigned destination.

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