PassagePoint for Healthcare and Medical Facilities

The Visitor Management Solution with Total Control

Healthcare and medical facilities are under pressure to meet HIPAA requirements while protecting the privacy and security of patients and customers. But it can be difficult to register and badge visitors quickly in busy facilities without slowing the process. Now, these challenges can be managed in one easy-to-use solution: PassagePoint™ from STOPware, the company that pioneered visitor management systems in 1997. Its comprehensive functionality, ability to track patient locations in real-time, optional hardware, and selection of supplies have made it the preferred solution for healthcare and medical facilities around the world.

Comprehensive Lobby Security Solution

  • Print badges in advance or upon arrival in seconds, with just one click
  • Know who is in the facility, whom they are visiting, and why
  • Restrict maximum number of visitors per host or patient
  • Associate visitors with bed numbers to protect confidentiality
  • Integrate Non-Disclosure Agreements, Safety Agreements, and HIPAA Requirements
  • Pre-register outpatients, visitors, and entire groups using a web browser*
  • Badge “after hours” visitors
  • Easy for receptionists and security officers to learn and use
  • Customize reports or use PassagePoint templates
  • Capture data from driver licenses, ID cards, business cards, and passports to speed entry
  • Design unique badges for specific departments or each hospital ward
  • Add security using self-expiring badges
  • Capture photos and signatures to print on badges

PassagePoint: Scalable for Even the Largest Organizations

HIPAA regulations are changing the way healthcare and medical facilities operate, including the way that they manage lobby security. “There is a tremendous amount of confidential information inside hospitals, managed care systems, and medical insurance companies,” says Greg Guldenschuh, a systems integrator working with some of the largest healthcare companies in Georgia. “My clients have found that PassagePoint gives them the flexibility they need to support HIPAA requirements across multiple locations. PassagePoint is particularly useful in hospitals and convalescent homes where access to patients needs to be restricted.” His clients also like PassagePoint’s real-time reporting capability as patients in busy hospitals and clinics are frequently moved, depending on condition or treatment. This enables reception to accurately direct visitors at any time of the day.

Total Control from STOPware

With PassagePoint, healthcare and medical insurance facilities can now enjoy unprecedented lobby security. No other product gives you such total control in verifying, screening, and badging visitors—and with such ease, speed and scalability.