SUMMER BLOG SERIES: Self-Registration Kiosks - Use Your Visitor Management Solution to Manage Walk-in Visitors

A self-service kiosk allows for security or receptionists to tend to other duties, as well as companies opening back up some will choose not to bring back all staff. Visitor Management Systems allow for walk-in Visitors to be processed 100% at the kiosk device, which can save time and money from the traditional walk-in registration. 

There are a few key features that are essential for processing this walk-in Visitor workflow. These are:

Multi-Language Capabilities
Having the ability to display your kiosk screens in multiple languages is a great feature for enterprise level Customers that have many locations across the globe. The same kiosk screens can be utilized for all global locations and are accessible to many types of Visitors due to the language capability. This is another big trend for Healthcare Customers due to the many ethnicities of Visitors that tend to visit hospitals.

Multi-Visitor Category Capabilities
When utilizing the kiosk workflow it is essential to differentiate between the types of Visitors arriving on-site. It is very rare to see only one category of Visitor used onsite because of the vast differences of purpose of visit, destination and other key components. Differentiating between Visitor types allows for unique badges to be printed based on category, which in turn allows for security and staff to have better control of Visitor whereabouts. 

Allow Videos During Sign-in Process
Including a video within your kiosk workflow can save time and make the kiosk more efficient. These videos can be set so they cannot be bypassed, which can ensure that Visitors are watching the required video. Some ideas include: safety training video, COVID protocol videos, instructional videos on how to use peripheral devices at the kiosk, etc. 

Allow Instruction Screens During Sign-in Process
Instruction screens allow for images to be inserted, as well as freeform text to ensure proper directions are relayed to the Visitor. For example, the instruction screen can be used to help assist their Visitors on how to use the license/passport scanner. By utilizing a multitude of these instruction screens you can ensure that proper instructions are being provided to make the kiosk user self-sufficient. 

Capture ID Screen
A common best practice with a Visitor Management Solution is to scan a Visitor’s Government-issued identification. There are many benefits for scanning Visitors Passport or Driver's License. Not only does it make it easier for Visitors to sign in at the kiosk, eliminating the user to manually type this information, it also has security benefits by identifying and tracking exactly who is entering your facility..

Agreement Screen
Many companies are adding COVID-Related Questionnaires or NDA Agreements as part of their Visitor Management Workflow to create an audit trail for risk and liability purposes. These can be tracked with a Visitor Management Solution to ensure it prompts the Visitor when the agreement has expired. 
By utilizing a variety of the kiosk screens along with policies to consider and the many other kiosk screens available, you can use your Visitor Management Solution  to meet the demand of almost any unique workflows. Utilizing a self-service kiosk to manage your walk-in Visitor population is not only cost effective, it is extremely efficient in making sure all of your company policies are enforced. 

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