Self-Service Visitor Registration Kiosks

Eliminate Long Visitor Lines & Enhance Your Image with PassagePoint Kiosks

First impressions are everything and visitors take notice of an efficient and streamlined registration process. PassagePoint self-registration kiosks gives you the tools that help secure your building while improving your company image.

PassagePoint secure self-registration kiosks optimize registration for busy lobbies with high traffic areas. These kiosks help keep the flow of visitors moving and freeing front-desk personnel to handle more pressing issues. PassagePoint kiosks guides visitors through the entire sign-in process, from verifying credentials, checking watch lists, and notifying the host. Taking a picture is a snap with the built-in camera then generating a professional visitor badge, all within seconds.

The power and flexibility of PassagePoint means you can tailor the registration process to meet your needs, and a PassagePoint Kiosk at your entrance provides improved guard productivity, service to your visitors, and enhancing company image.

  • Configure self-service kiosks to save time at the door and speed-up visitor check-in and badging
  • Implement self-service visitor registration options and automated sign-in policies.
  • Streamline visitor check-in and badging by pulling information from past visits, importing visitor lists, and pre-printing badges for events.
  • Screen visitors against internal watchlist of BOLO, past employees or VIPs
  • Screen visitors against external watchlists such as the National Sex Offender Registry or Government Restricted and Denied Parties list for an extra level of security.
  • Capture visitor images with the built-in camera and print an instant visitor badge on visitor category, destination in the facility, or duration in the facility.
  • Integrated barcode scanner supports unique E-Visit Pass feature.
  • Display non-disclosure agreements and safety and promotional videos.

STOPware offers several kiosk options to accommodate varied environments and design preferences. These include built-in hardware devices to eliminate the need for human interaction and give the visitor control for self sign-in upon arrival at your facility. In addition to custom graphics so kiosks represent your unique brand image, we can also source alternate kiosk designs if required. Contact one of our sales specialists if you would like more information.

Self-Service Kiosks

Pedestal Kiosk
Pedestal Kiosk
Standard Stand-Up Kiosk
Standard Stand-Up Kiosk
Cyprus Desktop All-In-One
Cyprus Desktop All-In-One