Kiosk Workflow: Check-in/Check-out

Companies today are looking for a self-sufficient way to further expedite the visitor registration process at different entry points.  Whether it be for areas that are unmanned, to assist with limited staffing resources or to reduce reception/security lines, kiosk solutions are trending more so now than ever. 

Taking a closer look at internal requirements, different check-in details seem to vary based on the type of visitor arriving on site. For example a company may require a contractor to provide different and more information than a regular visitor checking in. Here are some things to consider while implementing a kiosk workflow for check-in / check-out processes:

Implement a Kiosk Solution
There are multiple different types of kiosks, handheld devices or tablets available today to make your visitor process seamless. Utilizing kiosks to help gather specific visitor information can be easily achieved by creating custom workflows per visitor category to complete the check-in/check-in process. 

Determine Visitor Category Requirements
Determining the visitor categories that come on site every day is simple. Make a list of the types of visitors that come on site as well as certain requirements that are already in place on what needs to be collected for each visitor. Instead of having to manually collect names, photos or scan any government issued IDs, your visitor management system will automatically populate the required information on the data entry screen.

Implement a Pre-Registration Process
Having the ability to collect visitor or group information in advance of visitors arriving on site is even more critical in today’s world. This process will allow all or most details to already be in your system before the guest ever arrives on site. Upon approving the visitor in the Visitor Management System, the guest has the ability to receive a notification with their unique barcode or QR code for easy and contactless check-in at the kiosk.

Include a Unique Barcode or QR Code on the Visitor Badge 
With a barcode or QR code on the visitor badge, visitors can easily check-in/check-out in a matter of seconds. Simply scan the barcode from the printed visitor pass to check-in. If there is a visitor limit set to the destination they are visiting, this will automatically count them as a visitor until they use that same barcode to check-out. . For auditing purposes, check-out policies are crucial to implement. Simply scan the barcode for the second time to sign out of the visitor management system. This barcode can also be tied to an access control system to allow the visitor access to only the areas designated.