PassagePoint for Multi-Tenant Buildings

The Visitor Management Solution with Total Control

Managing visitors in a multi-tenant building has daunting challenges. There are multiple entrances and exits, a high volume of visitor traffic, constant deliveries, and an ever-changing list of tenants and employees. Now these challenges can be managed in one easy-to-use solution: PassagePoint™ from STOPware, the company that pioneered visitor management systems in 1997. Its comprehensive functionality, optional hardware, and selection of supplies have made it the preferred solution for multi-tenant buildings and complexes around the world.

Comprehensive Lobby Security Solution

  • Print badges in advance or upon arrival in seconds, with just one click
  • Capture data from driver licenses, business cards, and passports to speed entry
  • Meet each tenant’s entry requirements and create visitor reports for each
  • Enable tenants to pre-register visitors and groups using PassagePoint’s Pre-Registration Module or, STOPware’s hosted pre-registration website
  • Track deliveries and capture signatures with handheld tracking system using Palm OS®.
  • Integrate with access control systems and electronic turnstiles*
  • Capture photos and signatures to print on badges
  • Design unique badges for tenants, visitors, and other categories
  • Add security using self-expiring badges
  • Use Look-Out/Watch lists to alert reception of VIP’s or unwanted visitors
  • Automatic downloads of government Look-Out/Watch lists
  • Issue parking garage or gate passes

PassagePoint: Proven Solution for Multi-Tenant Buildings

When Taconic Investment Partners recently renovated New York City’s famous Port Authority building to serve dozens of telecommunication company tenants, they realized improving building security was critical. “The building covers an entire city block and has multiple entrances,” says Andrew Nick of Taconic Investment Partners. “We wanted to make the building safe for our tenants and be up-to-date with the most current security technology.” The visitor management solution they turned to was PassagePoint with Photo Capture from STOPware, along with STOPware’s handheld delivery tracking system. Completely integrated with the building’s access control and closed circuit television security systems, Taconic can now swiftly register and badge visitors for its 6,100 tenants, track deliveries over 2.8 million square feet of space, and create audit trails in real-time for all people and packages who enter. Online PassagePoint Pre-Registration Service

STOPware created especially for multi-tenant buildings or those companies that would prefer to outsource their visitor pre-registration online. eliminates the need for extra hardware, special firewalls, and daily maintenance of a web server. Instead, STOPware hosts the entire application on redundant servers with mirror databases that are constantly updated in real-time. is very cost-efficient and easy for tenants to learn and operate.

Total Control from STOPware

With PassagePoint, multi-tenant buildings can enjoy unprecedented lobby security. No other product gives you such total control in verifying, screening, and badging visitors—and with such ease, speed and scalability.