PassagePoint EDU: Visitor Management for School Safety & Security

Growing security concerns for K-12 Schools nationwide has made PassagePoint EDU an invaluable solution for schools today. Now you can assure the safety and security of students and staff by managing visitors, volunteers, temporary employees, parents and suppliers, all while complying with district security standards and procedures.

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Introducing... PassagePoint Product Launcher

Whether you are installing PassagePoint for the first time, need to update your software to the newest version, or are upgrading from one product to a different one, you can take total control.

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Tech Tips

Did you know that the PassagePoint control center is an advanced security feature that will allow an administrator to tailor the visibility of data?

Furthermore, custom settings can be placed into locations within the tree that affect the visibility of data and the access to secure data.

For example, a receptionist of one campus may only be allowed to view data for their local campus, while another receptionist in a remote campus may be allowed to view data for all locations.

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New Product Highlight

PassagePoint HL-7 Module

We’ve enhanced PassagePoint for our hospital customers. Our new HL-7 add-on module allows PassagePoint to use the patient’s "real-time" location (Building, Floor, Room # and Bed #) in the hospital to identify patient location for hospital visitors.

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We hope you enjoy STOPware's new website - it's your one-stop connection to PassagePoint Visitor Management Systems. It's your turn to Take Total Control of your facility to ensure the safety and security of everyone who visits. From corporate security, to securing schools and hospitals, we have everything you need for a fully integrated solution to meet today's demands needed in visitor control and security. We welcome your feedback and appreciate your visit.