The Importance of Managing Your Patient’s Designated Caregivers

Healthcare facilities everywhere have many challenges when it comes to managing their visitor population. From unwarranted visitors to maintaining patient’s privacy, there comes a new layer of security problems when it comes to underage patients. Not only do underage patients have a different set of rules and guidelines, it is also critical to maintain customer service levels for both patients and caregivers. Because of this it is important to consider choosing a Visitor Management Solution that has a Designated Caregiver functionality set to help streamline this process.

A Designated Caregiver (DCG) is someone who is linked to a patient with special privileges to both allow and restrict visitors to the patient. Essentially if a DCG is not signed in to a patient at the time a new visitor tries to sign in, they will not be admitted unless they are on the “Approved Visitor” list, which is controlled by the Designated Caregiver. This is a perfect solution for hospitals with pediatric and children centers who want to add another level of customer service for patients and caregivers.

Another way to enhance the user experience for Designated Caregivers is to enable an advanced kiosk workflow to streamline their registration process. Providing DCGs with an extended use badge or wristband printed with a barcode or QR code, allows them to simply scan in and out using a self-service kiosk for the duration of patient's hospitalization. This self-service kiosk is also where the DCG can manage their own lists for approved and restricted visitors.

The Designated Caregiver functionality also allows nurses to easily assist patients regarding their visitation needs. Nurses have the capability to manually add and/or remove DCGs and approved visitors for their patients. Nurses can also prevent visitors from visiting the patient using a Do Not Disturb button. For example, when a patient requests quiet time, the visitor management system reduces the number of visitors allowed to zero and no visitors can be registered to see them except for their Designated Caregiver. Allowing nurses to be more hands on with the patients and DCGs creates a uniform front at the hospital and improves the visitor experience.

This enhanced functionality is quickly becoming a visitor management best practice among Children’s Hospitals nationwide. To learn more about PassagePoint’s Designated Caregiver module, visit today.