Why Auto TempScan Integrations are Crucial for your Visitor Management System

Many businesses are following the CDC guidelines to, “conduct an on-site symptom assessment, including temperature screening, prior to each visit. Ideally, screening should happen before the individual enters the facility.” It is stated that 88% of individuals with COVID-19 show signs of a fever, therefore temperature screening is one of the most practical ways to help potentially infected individuals from interacting with others. Not only is it important to ensure these individuals are not coming on-site, it is critical to have a Visitor Management Solution that has the capability to make it easier to process temperature detection.

Companies like FeverWarn have developed a technology to automate the temperature screening process. Feverwarn is a self-service smart temperature scanner that is FDA-compliant and made in America. FeverWarn Thermal Hand Scanner is a quick and easy solution for contactless temperature detection in one second or less. Simply ask your Visitors to place fist, wrist or forearm under the scanner (1-4 inches away) and their temperature will be taken and automatically recorded in PassagePoint.

Follow CDC's recommendations to monitor every Visitor to your facility by automatically managing the acceptance of Visitors based on a configurable temperature threshold. The temperature data captured in the visitor management system should only reflect a pass or fail value versus the actual temperature to ensure PHI compliance.

One might wonder as to why additional hardware would be required when many facilities are already using IR guns to capture Visitor temperature. One disadvantage of the manual IR process is that another individual has to take the temperature and stand extremely close to the Visitor in order to capture the temperature. Having to stand within 3 feet of the Visitor is not adhering to the 6 feet social distancing requirement. There have been many documented reports of temperature takers being infected with COVID-19 causing more liability concerns and putting your facility at risk. Another disadvantage is handheld forehead scans can be compromised by forehead perspiration, hair, makeup and head coverings. Lastly, no automatic data outputs are available for probable compliance and defense, if needed.

No matter what happens in the future with many virus variants and vaccine boosters, recognizing that keeping sick people from any workplace will be the new normal. Ongoing concern about Employee and Visitor well-being is the new byproduct of the pandemic, no matter what happens next. Therefore, it is essential to streamline operations and have temperature screening part of your Visitor Management workflow.