PassagePoint Annual Software Support Plan Offerings

STOPware software support is provided under an Annual Software Support Plan (SSP). Remote diagnostics, including error detection, problem debugging and resolution are the most common software support methods. SSP also covers software updates and upgrades and integration products supported. Hardware purchased directly from STOPware as part of the customer's visitor management system are supported via hardware support policy as outlined below. Design issues are referred to the product management team for consideration.
Software Support Plan Offering Standard Prime
STOPware Part # SSPG-1 PSPG-1
Self-help Resources via website x x
Support Portal Resources
Knowledgebase x x
Manuals / Documentation Library x x
Online Ticketing System x x
Software Availability
Access to maintenance releases for all current software x x
Software upgrades, enhancements, and patch support for PassagePoint software x x
Hours of Availability Mon-Fri
6am - 5pm PST
Initial Response Times - Critical (L1) 4 Hr 2 Hr
Initial Response Times - Major (L2) 8 Hr 4 Hr
Initial Response Times - Medium (L3) 1 Business Day 8 Hr
Initial Response Times - Low (L4) 2 Business Days 24 Hr
Issues Escalated to Engineering L1: 3 Business Days
L2: 5 Business Days
L3/L4: N/A
L1: 1 Business Day
L2: 2 Business Days
L3/L4: 5 Business Days
Support Team Standard Team Account Manager
Support Tools & Coverage
Phone Support Limited Included
Online Ticketing System Included Included
Email Support Included Included
Escalation Management Limited Limited
Development Escalation Priority L1/L2 only Included
On-Call Upgrade Coverage N/A Included
Server Move Support Available for additional cost Included
Software Re-Installation Support Available for additional cost Included
Staging & QA System Licenses & Support N/A Included
Support Entitlement Super Admin Only Designated Authorized Users
L-1 Critical - Application Down. Customer has lost primary functionality of the Licensed Program; the system is down and unable to process. The action is to get the Licensed Program back into production as quickly as possible.

L-2 Major - Serious Degradation. The Licensed Program issue is significant however certain parts of the system remain functional but customer can still process.

L-3 Medium - Moderate Impact. The Licensed Program causes undesirable behavior but the system is still functional or a workaround will be provided until the issue can be resolved.

L-4 Low - Limited Impact. The Licensed Program issue is minor & doesn’t cause a break-down of the system but it would be desirable to have it changed. Issue will be added to development schedule and prioritized accordingly.

What’s not covered
The above Software Support Plans do not cover the initial project implementation, project management, installation support & training. All new projects, including new sites & expansions are not covered under the standard support plan. Professional services for these services are quoted per project. The above support plans are for post-installation software support only.

Hardware support is not covered in the Software Support Plan. See Hardware Support Policy below.

STOPware will make every effort to resolve all issues related to the PassagePoint product line in a timely manner as referenced in this document but cannot guarantee since many Customer environments are unique.

This includes internal network connectivity, security protocols, permissions, passwords and interaction with other software which can compromise troubleshooting, diagnosis and interfere with standard installation & performance.

In addition, it is required that Customer has a qualified IT professional onsite with Administrator privileges to work with STOPware to support the PassagePoint product software.

This excludes resolution of defective hardware. If Customer cannot have downtime related to hardware issues, it is recommended that Customer purchases backup hardware to ensure continuous system functionality.

Hardware Support Policy
Drivers’ License & Passport Scanners purchased from STOPware include an Activation Parser License “required” for use with PassagePoint. Also included are periodic drivers’ license/passport template updates, install & troubleshooting assistance via STOPware’s technical support staff & one year warranty replacement service.

To utilize a drivers’ license / passport scanner not purchased from STOPware, customers will be required to purchase an Activation Parser License (Reference part # AH-1055L for quote) for and will not be eligible for template updates, installation support and warranty replacement service.

Primera Printers not purchased from STOPware will require a setup/troubleshooting support charge per printer. Reference part # ITR-2 for quote.

Please Note: Any hardware not purchased through STOPware is not covered under the above support plans.

Hardware Warranty Replacement Service
If any hardware is deemed defective by STOPware Technical Support, we will provide an RMA for repair / replacement following the manufacturer’s warranty policy. Any hardware not purchased through STOPware will not be eligible for this service.

Product Terms & Conditions
PassagePoint Software is warranted for 30 days and non-refundable. Hardware returns may be accepted within 30 days of purchase with prior approval and need to be in new condition, unopened and in original packaging, restocking fees may apply. Exceptions: All Tablets & Kiosks are built-to-order, require up front payment and are non-returnable. Custom Programming requires up front payment which is non-refundable.