What is HL-7 & what does it have to do with Visitor Management?

HL-7 is a healthcare standard for patient information in a hospital. This system is referred to as an ADT (Admission/Discharge/Transfer) system. All patient information is kept in this database, including real-time patient location - building, floor, room # and bed # within the hospital.

Now, what does this have to do with Visitor Management?

An electronic Visitor Management System (VMS) is designed to register and track visitors seeking access to a particular company or facility. In this case we are referring to friends and family visiting patients in a hospital or medical facility. For hospitals using an electronic VMS, visitors are required to register at the hospital reception desk or guard station. Hospital personnel will enter the visitor's personal and visit information into the VMS. An Intellihint feature allows hospital personnel to partially type a patient's name and accurately select the patient tied to the HL7 patient location data. The VMS automatically extracts the patient information and status in real-time using ADT so visitors can be properly directed to the patients location during the visitor check-in process. Also, during the visitor check-in process, hospital staff will see the maximum number of visitors allowed to visit the patient and real-time status of number of visitors currently visiting the patient.

Thus, creating a seamless process for both locating the patient without violating any HIPPAA regulations, and creating an enhanced visitor experience.