Use your visitor management system to track visitor proof of vaccination

Duration: 21:00

Managing visitors during the COVID-19 pandemic remains a significant challenge for many organizations. Businesses are now tasked with collection of contact tracing information, health survey questions, temperature checks and the latest requirement - track vaccination status or negative COVID test results for unvaccinated or partially vaccinated visitors. 

Collecting, recording, and maintaining proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test is a time consuming and tedious process that puts extra burden on security and front-desk personnel. 

The best time to collect this data is right when a visitor enters your facility. Therefore, the preferred collection method is during visitor sign-in using PassagePoint Visitor Management System’s new Vaccination Module.


  • The visitor simply provides their Vaccination card
  • PassagePoint user enters: Date of Vaccination, Vaccination Type and snap a photo of the visitor's vaccination card
  • This information is stored to ensure faster sign-in on future visits


  • The visitor presents their negative COVID test results 
  • The PassagePoint user enters: Date of COVID Test and snaps a photo of the visitor's negative test result 
  • If the test date is within the acceptable time frame (defaults to 72 hours but is configurable), the visitor is signed in, otherwise the visit is blocked. 

It’s that easy! Sign up for our live webinar to see PassagePoint’s New Vaccination Module in action!