Learn Why Visitor Management has become an Integral Component for a K-12 Security Plan

Duration: 27:00

Many K-12 schools have installed surveillance systems, consisting of cameras with analytics and other sensors. While surveillance cameras provide a level of deterrence, these solutions cannot tell you who is in the facility or where they are at any given time. The missing piece of the puzzle is a Visitor Management System.

Administrators have a critical need to know the identity of each person on campus, which is best done with a visitor management system that makes it easy to quickly flag visitors who either should not be on campus or need to be handled differently than other campus guests.

Today, a visitor management system is no longer an extra security feature; it is an integral part of a tailored K-12 security plan that keeps students, teachers, administrators, staff, and visitors safe.

Plus, managing school entrances and lobbies is more challenging than ever, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now along with ensuring a secure campus, administrators are asking front-desk personnel to screen school personnel and visitors for COVID-19 symptoms, a task that takes time and could lead to further spread.