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How do I combine first and last name on the same line in a badge template?

To combine two fields into one line on the badge template,

  1.  Drag the Text: 1 line with Database Object Dragging option from Graphics and Text Badge Objects onto the desired area on the badge template.
  2. Drag and drop the first and last name fields from the Visitor Data Objects into the Text box in the Object Properties field in the bottom right hand corner,. See image below.  

How can we let a PassagePoint operator know when to expect a pre-registered visitor?

There are a few ways for the PassagePoint operator (receptionist, security guard, etc.) to know when a pre-registered visitor will be arriving onsite. 
The operator can see all pre-registered visitors in Pre-Registration or Rapid Registration.  The day before the arrival date, the visitor's name appears on the "Tomorrow Pre-Reg" tabbed page.  On the arrival date the visitor’s name appears on the “Today” tabbed page.  The visitor's name also appears on the "Pending" tabbed page in the Rapid Registration section.  If the visitor does not sign in before the visit time expires, their status automatically changes to “No Show” and PassagePoint software removes their name from the pending list.
You can also include the check-in person on the email notification that the visitor has been pre-registered.  Depending on how many people are pre-registered and how many people are checking in, this may unduly increase the number of emails they receive.  

Does PassagePoint support silent installs?

We support silent upgrades of PassagePoint Client, but not installs. 

How do I customize the Web Pre-Registration Screens?

This document outlines how to customize the screens and labels for the Web Pre-Registration module.  Customizing Web Pre-Registration Screens

Is there an approval process for web pre-registration?

PassagePoint offers a web pre-registration feature that allows unlimited users the ability to request a visit via their web browser.  The visit request is then reviewed by a designated employee and accepted or rejected.
To achieve this, the person making a visit request would need to have a login account (username and password) for web pre-registration. They would log on to the web page, and enter information about the visit: select the Employee to visit, date, purpose of visit, etc. The request would go to an "Approval" process where a designated Employee could review and choose to Accept or Reject the Visitor via web browser.

What is the character limit for Email templates?

Emails templates are stored as XML in PassagePoint and hence there is no limit on the number of characters.

We tested an email with 600K characters text in the body of the email template and the email was received with no issues.

What is the encryption key and strength for the PPG admin passwords?

The password is stored in the database as the encoded MD5 hash of the password string. These are just MD5 hashed and not encrypted. 

Where are the JPEG pictures encryption keys stored and what is their strength?

The encryption key is stored in the java code and is a MD5 hash. The image is encrypted using DES encryption.

How do I rotate an image and text on a custom badge design?

In the Custom Badge Designer, select the image or text by clicking on it.  The Object Properties displays on the bottom right of the screen.

Use the Rotate icons to rotate the object as desired.

When you highlight the logo, the Object Properties display in the lower right corner of the screen.  You can determine the rotation direction and degree of the image, the image scaling, the horizontal and vertical alignment and whether to maintain the image’s aspect ratio (of width to height).


When you highlight the Text, the Object Properties display in the lower right corner of the screen.  You can determine the rotation direction, Font, Size, Style, Alignment, Text color and Background color, and if the text auto expands to the size of the field.

Connecting Directory Link to CCure9000 v2.30 or above

The CCure9000 database schema used in CCure9000 v2.30 has changed.  The new datbase is called ACVSCore  and contains the same data that used to reside in the SWHSystem database. 

This changes the table that links PassagePoint Directory Link to CCure 9000 v2.30.  In CCure9000 v2.30, you need to connect PassagePoint’s Directory Link to CCure9000’s ACVSCore.Access.Personnel table.


(Prior to CCure9000 v2.30, PassagePoint’s Directory Link connected to CCure9000’s SWHSystem.dbo.Personnel table.)

How to Prevent PassagePoint from Downloading the CSSN Drivers for Upgraded Clients

For those customer that do not use scanners, it is possible to prevent PassagePoint from downloading the CSSN drivers when upgrading.

1.    Stop the PassagePoint service
2.    Remove the file "ext-cssn-sdk-xxxxxxx.jar" file from PassagePoint server (see path below in screenshot)
3.    Restart the PassagePoint service

Is there an option for operators to pick the host from a list instead of manually entering the host information when signing in a visitor?

The default setting in PassagePoint allows users to manually enter host records.  This can be useful, but it can also cause multiple host records for the same host in the directory. 

You can set the variable “hostMustBeFromDirectory” to force a user to select a host from the list instead of manually entering the information.

Is the data stored in PassagePoint PII?

Personally identifiable information (PII) is any data that could potentially identify a specific individual.  This includes name, social security number, date and place of birth, mother‘s maiden name, or biometric records; and any other information that is linked or linkable to an individual, such as medical, educational, financial, and employment information.

Whether you store this information in the database is dependent on whether you pull it from the visitor’s ID or enter it manually.  You have the Option not to collect this information.

To turn fields off when scanning the visitor’s ID, from the Policy Manager, Screen Policy, navigate to the Visit Center captureID and change the desired fields to enabled =  False.

What Sex Offender Registry does Passage Point use?

STOPware licenses its sex offender registry from a 3rd party that has an in-house data and development team dedicated to continuously updating the sex offender data. Data is mined from sex offender registries in all 50 states and a large number of Indian Reservations. US Territories like Guam, Virgin Islands and the Northern Mariana Islands are also included in the data search. 

PassagePoint is trying to connect to "localhost" instead of the named server.

To get the PassagePoint Client to connect to the desired server and not “localhost”:

  1. Remove these files from the C:\PPGlobal\Client folder
  • client.cfg
  • idinfo
  1.  Start the PassagePoint client program again. 

If the program still tries to connect to “localhost”,

  1. From the C:\PPGlobal, right click on the client.bat file and select edit.
  1. In the Set PP_SERVER=localhost change "localhost" to the ipaddress or dns name. It like should look like this 

                         Set PP_SERVER=ipaddress or DNS name.

  1. Start the PassagePoint client program again.  

How does PassagePoint handle a terminated employee's pre-registered visitors?

When a pre-registered visitor for a terminated employee attempts to sign in, PassagePoint tells the operator that the Host is not active and to select a different host.  The employee's record must be deactivated for the message to display.

How can we test to see if the watchlist template email sends to the selected email addresses?

Before testing the Watch List Email Notification, make sure you have restarted the PassagePoint Server services so the email template for Watch List Notification is updated.

You can test the Watch List Notification from any visitor entry form, pre-registration, rapid registration, extended authorization or checkpoint, by entering the first name, then the last name of the person on the watch list. Once the user tabs or focus off the last name the alert will trigger and then the email will be sent.

**NOTE:  The Watch List uses the first three letters of the first name and the full last name to trigger. For example, if John Does is on the watch list and you want watch list to trigger. You will need to have at least First name: Joh, Last name: Does. Also if Johnny Does is entered, the watch list alert 

How can I put two fields on the same line in a badge template?

To put more than one object in a single line on a badge tempate:

Drag and drop "Text: 1 Line with Database Object dragging" on to the badge template

Click on the object "Default"> in the properties Delete the "Default" text.

Click on "Visitor Data Objects" drag and drop Visitor: Name (First) and Visitor: Name (Last) into the Object properties Text Box> Click in between the first and last name object and type a space.

How can I change the size of a badge label?

The size of a badge label is called a Stock Size in PassagePoint Global.  You must define the badge stock size before you can add it to a badge template.

To define stock sizes:

  1. From Home | Configure System| Badge Designer | Stock Sizes, select the Add button.
  2. The Setting Details for the Stock Size screen appears.
  3. Enter a name for the Stock Size and the Stock Number (from the manufacturer). Choose the Unit for the badge measurements, either inches (in) or centimeters (cm).
  4. Enter the badge width and height for Portrait Orientation (where the longest side goes from top to bottom).
  5. Check the box if you want the badge in Landscape Orientation (where the longest side goes from right to left side).
  6. Check the box if you are using a sheet of labels where the badge label is the same size as the sheet i.e 1 label per sheet.
  7. Enter the following:
Sheet Width & Height – Specify the physical dimensions in inches or centimeters of each badge on a sheet or roll.
#Badges Across and Down – Enter the number of badges across and down on a badge print sheet. For badge label rolls, such as labels for Dymo printers, enter “1” for both Across and Down.
Left and Top Margin – The Margin is the edge of a sheet that is not printable. It is assumed that left and right are the same dimensions, as well as top and bottom.
Horizontal and Vertical Gap – Gap is the measurement of space between badges on a sheet. Enter “0” for badge rolls.

  1. Disabled – if checked, indicates that this Stock Size is disabled and will not be listed in the stock size list.
  2. Select the Save button.

After you define the stock size, you can create a new badge templet using the stock size or change the stock size in an existing badge template.

From Home > Configure System> Badge Designs> Select the desired badge and then the Edit button. In Setting Details, select the desired Stock size from the Stock size dropdown and save the badge.

Openedge drivers for CCure 800 - 32 and 64 bit

The link below is the openedge drivers for CCure 800. The zip file contains two zipped files; one is 32bit the other 64bit.

You automatically get the 32-bit version of the ODBC driver when you install the CCure800 application but,
installing the CCure800 application just to get the ODBC driver is a lot of extra work.
So we also have two versions of a stand-alone installation of the PROGRESS ODBC driver that were given to us from PROGRESS.
We have both a 32-bit version and a 64-bit version.
Both of them will work fine for connecting to the CCure800 databases – it just depends on which ODBC driver is required by the specific application that’s being used
to connect to the CCure800 databases.

When installing either of these ODBC drivers, you’ll get prompted to enter the Serial Number and the Control Number.
Here’s the info you’ll need for installing these two drivers:
To install the 32-bit ODBC driver:
Serial Number:  003956460
Control Number:  Z9GRS 2PG2D NMG?J 
To install the 64-bit ODBC driver
Serial Number:  003956532
Control Number:  X9DSH TQJ2C 54GYM



There is a problem that we’ve seen when installing the 32-bit ODBC driver on a 64-bit Operating System.
The Registry entries sometimes get entered improperly.
The symptoms for this problem are as follows:
- The 32-bit PROGRESS ODBC driver isn’t available in the 32-bit version of the ODBC Data Source Administrator in Windows Control Panel
- Instead, the 32-bit ODBC driver will appear in the 64-bit version of the ODBC Data Source Administrator in Windows Control Panel.
   But if you try to use it or configure a new ODBC DSN with that driver from the 64-bit version of the ODBC Control Panel, you’ll get an error like this one, below.

If you encounter this problem there are 3 Windows Registry corrections that you’ll need to make:

(1)  Add this STRING value:       
Description:<br />
        It should look like this:       
        Description:<br />
        Description:<br />

(2)  Add this new Registry KEY:      
Description:<br />
It should look like this…..
Description:<br />
(3)  Add all of these STRING values to this new Registry KEY.
      Note that the last item is actually a DWORD (32-bit) value.
      Also note that the “DRIVER” and “SETUP” strings are assuming that you installed CCure800 in the root of the C-Drive.
       If you installed the CCure800 on a different drive or if you installed the stand-alone version of the PROGRESS OpenEdge v10.2A ODBC Driver,
       the referenced file (pgoe1023.dll) will be in a different location so be sure that the path that you enter in these two Registry Strings is correct.    
       Description:<br />

 It should look like this when you’re done.Description:<br />
Once you’ve made these 3 Registry entries, you’ll be able to see the 32-bit OpenEdge ODBC Driver 
from within the “odbcad32.exe” in the SysWow64 folder.

Can I customize the web pre-registration page to reflect my company brand?

Yes, you can change the logo and the CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to match your company branding in the web pre-registration module.

Click here for instructions on changing the logo and CSS.

Is PassagePoint compatible with Windows 10 and the Edge Browser?

As soon as Windows 10 was released by Microsoft we did a thorough QA of our system* in this environment. PassagePoint runs fine but we did find 2 minor issues which will be fixed in our February 2016 release.

 * Excluding DT Research Tablet & PIV Module

What is the Notifier and how do I configure it?

The Notifier is used to send an email to active visitors to let them know of a situation in the building. You can send a notification to specific Categories, Locations and/or Work Groups.  You determine the content of the email message.

This document outlines the feature and how it works:  Notifier Feature

What's included in the Acuant SDK 10.07.16 upgrade?

In June 2015, Acuant released a major upgrade to 10.07.16. This release included the following:
New Functionality
• Added a new function to change the brightness of the output image. 
• Added a new API GetRawImageBufferData to get image buffer from SnapShell scanners. 
• Fixed typo in the calibration UI message. 
• Enhancements to TWAIN scanning functions for Panasonic TWAIN scanners. 
• Added TWAIN scanning support for Burroughs SmartSource Elite scanner. 
• Add extraction of class field from California 2D barcode. 
• Added support to read British Columbia and Mexico Matricula ID 2D barcodes. 
• Updated ScanShell 2000R/NR drivers. 
• Enhancements to SnapShell driver for better image capture and quality.
• Improved reading for 2D barcodes, medical insurance cards, passports, and IDs. 
• Improved address reading from European and USA IDs. 
• Improved TWAIN scanning functionality. 
Template Enhancements
Click here to see updates by Country/State/Province.

How do I calculate the disk space required for PassagePoint Global?

Use this tool to calculate the disk space required for PassagePoint Global:  Hard Space Calculator