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Is there a way to activate a CCTV camera if someone from the internal watch list tries to check in?

It is not a current feature in PassagePoint. A CCTV camera can’t be activated in PassagePoint if a person from the internal watch list tries to check in.

How do I install and configure the CODE CR1021 Barcode Scanner?

Installing the barcode scanner for PassagePoint Global:

1.    Connect the barcode scanner to your computer. 
2.    Download the file at:
3.    Extract all folders and documents either onto your desktop or a desired location on your computer.
4.    Extract the following zip files from the extracted folder :
‘C006849-1026-system-cr1000-CD-GEN-Firmware’ zip
‘D009015-SOFTWARE-CortexTools-2-3-0-Software’zip folders
5.    Run CortexInstall_v2.3.0.msi and complete the installation process.
6.    Open Device Manager (for accessing device manager open properties of your computer) and verify “Ports” is visible or not. If not then install:
For 32 bit OS “D020965-SOFTWARE-USB-Virtual-COM-Driver-for-Win-7-and-8--32-bit--Software”
For 64 bit OS “D020966-SOFTWARE-USB-Virtual-COM-Driver-for-Win-7-and-8--64-bit--Software”
7.    Open document “STOPware Kiosk configuration AA 06102014” and scan the barcode given in the document.
8.    CR1000/Reader should install. Restart your computer.

Configuring the barcode scanner for PassagePoint Global:

1.    Start the PassagePoint Client> Navigate to Station Preferences> Add> Barcode Scanners> Generic serial barcode scanner with the following settings:
Serial Port (select the USB Virtual COM Port installed in above step)
Baud Rate: 115200
2.    Save and Restart PassagePoint Client.
3.    The scanner will now scan 1D/linear barcode successfully.
Note for 2D barcode scan you will need Activation License from Acuant.
1.    If you already have Activation License, then:
2.    Start PassagePoint Client> Navigate to Station Preferences> Add> Magnetic-Stripe Readers> Driver License Parser> Enter any name and the Activation Code> Finish
3.     Restart the PassagePoint Client.
4.    Both 1D and 2D scans should work now.
If you do not have an Activation License from Acuant, please contact STOPware to purchase one for each scanner.

How can I change information on a group or visitor Web pre-registration?

The best way to update an existing pre-registration (individual or group) would be to go to "Upcoming Visits"; select the person or group; change any details or add/ remove Visitors; then save to update the system.

What is the architecture/network configuration for PassagePoint?


PassagePoint can be installed as stanadard client-server (networked) or standalone.   In addition, other clients can connect to the standalone configuation.  

Networked requires installing PassagePoint Client locally and configured to access PassagePoint Server software running on a remote server.

Standalone assumes that the server/client application resides on a single machine. All these options are available in the installation options.

This document shows the architecture diagrams for common PassagePoint network configurations. PassagePoint Architecure Examples

How can you add another guest or make edits to an existing registered group without another confirmation email going out to the entire group in Web Pre-registration?

To prevent the email from re-sending, uncheck the -Email Visitor Invitation- and -Email Host and Other Hosts Reminder- check boxes.

What Dymo label type would I use for a stock size of 2.125" x 3.8125"?

The Dymo Name Badge is similar in size and will work in the Dymo Labelwriter with your stock.

Are the TCP ports needed for remote support of the PassagePoint system?

No, the TCP ports are communication ports between the client and the server only.

Why will TCP ports 5431, 3080, 2443 and 9875 be required to be available if this is a standalone solution?

The ports are communication ports between the client and server.  If you are using PassagePoint as a standalone solution, the ports are not required to be available since the program will be communicating locally.

Is Microsoft SQL Enterprise or Standard Edition needed?

PassagePoint comes with a default database – PostgreSQL.  PassagePoint also works with MS SQL Server and Oracle.  If you want to use Microsoft SQL as your database you can, but it is not a requirement as PostgreSQL is packaged with PassagePoint.

What is PostgreSQL? Does it come with PassagePoint or do I purchase it separately?

PostgresSQL is the default Database program for PassagePoint. PostgreSQL is part of the PassagePoint installation package. You do not have to purchase it separately.  

Can PassagePoint run only on the client workstation?

Yes, if you installed it as a standalone solution. The standalone installs the database PostgreSQL), the client and the server (runs as a service in the background).

Note, if you are planning to have more than one workstation, having them as standalones means they will not be able to share data.   Each workstation will have its own database. Separate clients that connect to the same server will allow you to have a central database.

Is a server required for a PassagePoint standalone solution?

No, a server is not required.  The standalone solution installs the database (PostgreSQL), the client and the server (runs as a service in the background) on the machine.

How can we merge duplicate visitor records?

In order to merge duplicate visitor records, the feature must be enabled for the desired user role(s).
To enable merging of duplicate visitor records:
From Home>Configure Systems>User Roles>Select role>Edit>, scroll down to the Permissions Options and check the box for enable merge. 

Can PassagePoint Global search Sex Offender Registries and/or Government denied lists?

Yes, PassagePoint can search Sex Offender Registries and/or Government denied lists with the addition of the subscription based screening services.  In addition, the two most popular government lists, Denied Persons List and Specially Designated Nationals List can be manually imported into the PassagePoint database with a push of a button in PassagePoint Global without any subscription.  

The yearly subscribtion services are outlined in the attached documents.

Government Watch Lists

Sex Offender Search

How long is a patient lookup available for after a patient is discharged?

After a patient is discharged, a patient is available based on the number of days set in the HL7 settings.

How long is HL7 data stored in the PassagePoint database (both permanent and temporary)?

PassagePoint's HL7 Listener listens to all messages and saves all data received to a temporary (temp) table. 

When a patient is searched, PassagePoint looks into this temp table, and if the patient is found, pulls the patient and saves it permanently to PassagePoint's local people table. Once a patient record is pulled and saved locally, it is permanent and not discarded.

Any HL7 data in the temp table is discarded after 7 days.

How can I find the expiration of the PassagePoint Global Trial License Key?

The expiration date is found as follows:

 Home>Configure Systems>Product Licenses>

All the licenses you have are listed including their quantity, and expiration date.  

How does the database purge work with date frames?

Records are purged according to the date frame provided. 

For example, if someone visited everyday from 01/01/2015-06/01/2015 and you purge everything older than 05/01/2015, the person will not be deleted but their visits from 01/01/2015 till 04/01/2015 will be deleted. If you purged records older than 6/2/2015, the person as well as their visit data, including pictures, will be deleted.

How does the Sex Offender screening service license expiration work?

The sex offender search is provided by DataDiver Technologies. Sex Offender searches are disabled once the day and time of expiry has passed. In the example below, the License expiration date for the DataDiver’s License is Oct 25th 2016 5:00 PM; the ability to search would work until 04:59 PM on Oct 25th 2016.

Impending expiration warnings present to the operator 30 days before the expiration date. The warning message is as follows:

But on Oct 25th 2016 after 5 PM , the sex offender search would not work and user will see an Alert. The user can still create records and run PassagePoint, but no sex offender search would be done.

Are HL7 records (patient records) that have had visitors, affected by purging the database?

Once a HL7 record is pulled in PassagePoint to create a visit, this record is treated as any other person record in PassagePoint and same rules apply to them.

The Person and their related objects are purged:

  • License,
  • Passport,
  • Business card,
  • PIV, photo,
  • Agreements and signatures,
  • Visits,
  • Pre-Registrations,
  • Access Cards, etc. 

What information is purged from the database with the Purge feature?

The following are deleted in the purge:

The Person and their related objects:

  • License,
  • Passport,
  • Business card,
  • PIV, photo,
  • Agreements and signatures,
  • Visits,
  • Pre-Registrations,
  • Access Cards, etc. 

How do I show certain locations on one Web pre-registration page but not another?

To restrict locations you need the Enterprise Control Center Module and use workgroups in PassagePoint.

This document explains how to set up workgroups and use them in the Enterprise Control Center.

Restricting Web Pre-Registration Destinations for Multiple Web Pages

What impact will purging data have on using PassagePoint?

Searches are faster with less data in the database. Note that if you search for a visitor that has been purged, you will have to add their visit as they will no longer be in the database for a returning visit.  

How long will it take to purge visitors from the database and keep 3 to 6 months of data?

The time it takes to purge records depends on the system speed as well as network speed (assuming database is on separate machine), but this process can still take a few hours to complete.

We recommend gradually deleting the records. Start by deleting records older than 2 year. Once this is complete, delete records older than 1 year 6 months and so on until you reach 6 months/3 months (based on the records you want to keep). This will keep the changes under a limit and also have reasonable time for each operation. 

Can we purge data from the database while actively using PassagePoint?

We recommend purging data from the PassagePoint database when the system is not being used (or at a very low activity level).  Purging while using creates many database transactions which slows the system down.  Also, the PassagePoint system where you run the purge will become inactive until the operation completes.