Access Control Integration License

Access Control Integration License

Makes Access Control Systems More Secure and Economical

PassagePoint's Access Control (AC) Integration connects with your access control systems to improve the security of buildings and corporate campuses, while lowering your total costs. Developed by STOPware, the recognized leader in visitor management solutions, PassagePoint AC Integration lets you define security levels, designate areas, badge visitors and then track those visitors - all through a single interface. 

Improved, Real-Time Security

With PassagePoint's AC Integration, there is no delay in activating or deactivating access cards. Everything is immediate, including reports generated by PassagePoint and your access control system. It lets you program badges to de-activate on specified dates and times. This eliminates the risk of stolen or missing cards, and makes it safer to provide temporary access to employees or visitors who lose or forget their cards. And with random access numbering logic, PassagePoint Access Control virtually eliminates fraudulent badge numbers and accidental duplication.