SnapShell ID Scanners EOL Announcement

We were recently advised by the manufacturer that the SnapShell ID Scanners are nearing end of life.

Products Affected: SnapShell R2, SnapShell R3, SnapShell Passport

What does this mean for current PassagePoint customers using these products? STOPware will continue to sell these early into next year as we transition to our new line of ID scanners.

As with most end of life announcements, this is not immediate. STOPware will continue to supply and support our customers with these products through this year and into 2020. Moving forward, the SnapShell ID scanners will be backwards compatible and continue to work with PassagePoint.

Alternate ID Scanner Options:
The i-Dentify ID-150 is a duplex scanner that scans the front and back of a Government-issued ID card in one simple operation. This unit not only captures the image of the front of the license, but it reads the 2D barcode on the back of the license providing the most reliable data capture.

The E-Seek Model M260 incorporates a magnetic stripe reader with advanced technology 2D barcode reading capability. This is the perfect solution for accurate data capture when you don't need to capture the visitor photo or a picture of the actual Government-issued ID.

What's Next? We are integrating a new line of ID Scanners from Gemalto which will be available for use with PassagePoint shortly. Stay tuned for more information regarding this amazing line of scanners.