PassagePoint Global Release Update - Build 6437

The new release of PassagePoint Global is build 6437 and here are some highlights of what's new!

Several new Reports were added to the Report Center. 

  1. User Account List Report. This report will show the list of all the active users (Active User Accounts) with the user role assigned. 
  2. User Roles List Report. This report will show the list of all the User Roles that are Active, along with their asset ID. 
  3. Configure System Audit Logs Report was added to audit configuration changes made by PassagePoint Administrators. This new report will show the configuration changes details made to External Watch Lists, People Categories and Watch Lists. 
  4. Patient Info with Watch List Report is a new HL7 report that shows all the data from the existing ‘Patient Details’ report as well as the following Watch List fields: Alert Message, Action to Take, Threat Level, Start and End Date. 
  5. An enhancement was also made to the Visit Checked-in/Out Report to add Last Name and First Name filters to make this report searchable.


  1. In the Kiosk HL7 Workflow, we’ve added a new kiosk Image screen for users to enhance the Instructions being provided to kiosk users. 
  2. On-Screen Signature pad enhancement was made to the Kiosk Agreement Screen to streamline the workflow. 
  3. FeverWarn Temperature Check functionality is now integrated into the Kiosk sign-in workflow.

Visitor Registration 

  1. Now administrators can add a blank field to the ‘Destination’ list to force users to choose a destination. This is to prevent users from signing in visitors to default destinations. 
  2. Advanced Search enhancement to display ALL Visitors Pre-Registered on a Specific Date. 
  3. Enhancement to the User Role where Admins can now hide the "Search" tabs for Pre-Reg and Rapid Reg for particular users. 

Check-in / Check-out 
Ability to edit and save Visitor’s data changes made to the ‘View Full Record’ screen during Check-in or Check-out. 

Control Center 
New ‘Search’ option in the Control Center tree enables easier association between User Names and Locations. It allows an Administrator to search for information with the tree - for example: user names, locations, etc. 

Access Control 

  1. Optimization enhancements done for both AMAG and Safenet Access Control Systems for JDBC based connection for 32bit installers 
  2. We’ve tested a new version of PremiSys 4.7.55 and this has successfully passed QA. No integration changes were necessary. 

Watch Lists

  1. New Watch List Entry via Web - Allows role-based users to add people to watch lists via a web page eliminating the need for a PassagePoint client for this action to be performed. 
  2. Watch List Override - Additional option to allow sign-in and override the watchlist person for false positive matches. 
  3. Enhancement to provide users with the ability to sign-in a visitor flagged on a watchlist - password is required and reason for override is recorded. 
  4. Date Of Birth with the Calendar Widget has been added to the Watchlist entry screen to ensure the same format is always used for searches and reports. 
  5. New Date of Birth field added to Watchlist Checks for the ability to check against both name and DOB to provide better accuracy and less false positives. 

Designated CareGiver (DCG) 
A new column has been added in the CareGiver window to show the status of the DCG: signed-in, inactive, pending. Great for Nurses Stations needing a quick glance screen for status. 

Rest API 

  1. Security Enhancement to add Encryption for the base 64 token. 
  2. The REST API Push from Pre-Registration now supports sending the destination field.


  1. High Resolution UI support for the PassagePoint application via 64bit installers. 
  2. Optimization to reduce the application load/start up time specifically for customers that have a large number of Watch List records. 
  3. Upgrade Tomcat to 9.0.65 Successful Windows 11 Regression Test was conducted and is now supported. We recommend the following Windows display setting: resolution 1920 x 1080, and Scale 100%. 
  4. CDSS | ADA Compliance for Pre-Registration Web Page 

HL7 Outpatient Pre-Registration 

  1. Ability to create OutPatient Pre-Registration without DOB
  2. Automatically to add the Destination from the HL7 OutPatient message 
  3. Allow renaming OutPatient category name 
  4. HL7 A17 | Support to process segments other than PID and PV1 


  1. SDK integration with Acuant to support new & updated license templates
  2. New feature added to skip installing a new Acuant SDK during the PassagePoint installation for customers who do not want to update the SDK.