PassagePoint Global Release Update - Build 6432

The new release of PassagePoint Global is build 6432 and here are some highlights of what's new!

NEW! PassagePoint Vaccination Module

PassagePoint Global Visitor Management System now offers a Vaccination Capture Module to assist with compliance with company requirements and government mandates for proof of vaccination or negative COVID test results for visitors. The best time to collect this data is right when a visitor enters your facility. Therefore, the preferred collection method is during visitor sign-in using PassagePoint Visitor Management System’s new Vaccination Module.


  • The visitor simply provides their Vaccination card
  • PassagePoint user enters: Date of Vaccination, Vaccination Type and snap a photo of the visitor's vaccination card
  • This information is stored to ensure faster sign-in on future visits


  • The visitor presents their negative COVID test results 
  • The PassagePoint user enters: Date of COVID Test and snaps a photo of the visitor's negative test result 
  • If the test date is within the acceptable time frame (defaults to 72 hours but is configurable), the visitor is signed in, otherwise the visit is blocked.

HL7 Enhancements

  • New Search Patient Tab providing the ability to search a patient based on name plus 3 additional search criteria. For example: Name and DOB, Name and phone number, etc. 
  • Option to hide the default 'Patient' destination
  • Support to update the patient's room or bed limit directly (not dependent on patient update)
  • Outpatient appointment update with additional Identifier
  • Ability to update all patient records with ADT A31 message 
  • Added additional attributes to HL7 patient search mapping - previously displayed 17 attributes now have the ability to show up to 35 attributes in the Patient Info screen

UI Enhancements 

  • Added Tooltip feature to all custom fields 
  • Visit Date/Time filters for Advanced Search
  • Added 'Nationality' as a display column in Visit History 

Administrator / Auditing Enhancement

  • New PassagePoint User Account Search Option to easily find, modify, delete users

Watch List Enhancements

  • New 'View Full Record' button added to Rolling Watch List Ribbon
  • Disable / Enable Feature for internal watch lists
  • New “Disabled Entry” tab under Watch List to view all the disabled entries (this is User Role dependent)
  • A report for the Disabled Watch List records with ability to add as a Scheduled Task 
  • New email notification support regarding individuals who have been on the Watch List beyond a certain period.

External Systems Enhancements

  • Multiple LDAP Support - Web users can now search multiple Employee Directories 
  • JFIF type images now supported to pull photo from AD/ LDAP 
  • DNA Fusion access control integration now supports multiple Access Levels
  • S2 version 5.4.1 integration with PassagePoint now supported

Hardware Enhancement

  • Added new printer setting to adjust photo brightness on the badge

Report Center Enhancement

  • User Account field can now be added to Custom Reports

REST API Enhancement

  • Logging support and internal testing tool 

PassagePoint Migration to 64-bit Architecture

A new version of PassagePoint is now available using RedHat OpenJDK (11.0.11+9-LTS) on both the server and the client. We've migrated to 64 bit Oracle Java 8 and 64 bit Apache Tomcat 9 vs. 32 bit Tomcat 7. We've added many new features and capability enhancements to PassagePoint which in turn has added considerably more processing done by the server. This migration will now enable us to allocate more memory to both the PassagePoint server & client applications and will improve the performance of the application. 

Another significant advantage of migration is licensing. OpenJDK is an open-source Java platform with a GNU General Public License. Since the end of 2020, Oracle Java requires a commercial license under the Oracle Binary Code License Agreement. This was restricting us from moving to the latest and more secure Java releases. Migration to RedHat OpenJDK 11 with Long Term Support until October 2024 has helped us get around this. 

This new 64-bit Open Source Java 11 version of PassagePoint is currently available upon request. We will soon migrate this version to be the standard for all PassagePoint customers.

Log4j Vulnerability Update

A major Log4j security vulnerability was reported by Apache. Although PassagePoint was using Log4j 1.x which was not listed as an affected version, we have upgraded to log4j 2.12.3 listed as safe version where this vulnerability has been fixed.