PassagePoint Global Release Update - Build 6417

Below is a categorized list of many of the new features and product enhancements we've added to PassagePoint in the last few months. 

Contact Tracing & COVID 

  • The mobile number associated with the visitor is now available in the Report Builder and Web Past Visits report. 
  • Tooltip support added for COVID screening questions.
  • For occupancy requirements you can now set visitor limits based on the number of pre-registrations that can be created per day per site.
  • New setting to allow for destination-based active visitor limitation with pop up-alert during sign-in if area has reached maximum capacity. 
  • COVID screening questions are now available on web pre-registration, client rapid registration and kiosk workflow.

Watch List Feature

  • Watch List End Date was defaulted to 1 day or manual setting to never end, now you can default this to Start Date + 30 Days in the Watch List Entry tab.
  • Station Name and Location database objects for external watch lists can now be added to the Sex Offender email and alert. 
  • Enterprise Control Center
  • Ability to auto-assign newly created User Accounts at the root node. This will allow accounts to be automatically created and workgroups assigned when using SSO. 

Access Control 

  • Certification for PassagePoint interface with Lenel OnGuard Open Access v7.6 and 8.0 is complete.
  • CCure 9000 Version 2.9 is now supported.
  • AMAG 9.3.26 is now supported. 
  • Better ability to manage access control credentials via web pre registration.
  • Use the actual End Time allocated to Pre-Registration as visit Expiration Time.

PassagePoint Kiosk

  • Camera sensor to activate Kiosk LED Lights via I/O board integration.
  • Microcom Printer sensor to send alerts for low badge stock.
  • New kiosk sign-out agreement screen is especially useful when security requires holding a visitor’s driver's license or personal property, such as a cell phone, during visit. This screen will confirm the visitor receives their property back prior to leaving premises.
  • Camera overlay box for photo capture added in the preview area of Camera Capture screens to advise the visitor where to place his/her face for better image to be captured. 

HL7 Module

  • Kiosk HL7 enhancements include the following:
  • Format & UI improvements
  • Issue if visitor spells patient last name wrong
  • Improved search logic to assist Visitors to find InPatients via kiosk Patient search. Three additional search fields were added (dob, phone number, patient town) with logic requiring 2 out of 5 to match to find a patient. 
  • Use both Account/Visit number with MRN to identify a patient for enhanced patient tracking capability for internal hospital appointments. 
  • New HL7 data partition enhancement. Now each HL7 license can have a location attribute so only patients for that location will be searchable at that location. Requires multiple HL7 licenses, does not require Enterprise Control Center. 
  • Support to add OutPatient’s HL7 message time as the Pre-Registration date and time to automatically pre-register visitors from the HL7 message.
  • New feature that allows HL7 to automatically add the destination from the HL7 message to eliminate the need for manual population. This is important when hospitals have different rules by units, different badges, or different access control systems.  

Designated CareGiver (DCG) Module

  • CareGivers will now be automatically signed out when patients are discharged.
  • New DCG Override Feature and “Reason for Override” field for improved audit trail and reporting.
  • Automatically change CareGiver's visit destination when the patient is transferred. If the patient’s Destination is changed/updated, then the Destination for all the Active CareGivers associated with that patient will also get updated.

System Improvements

  • JDBC enhancement for connecting to Oracle database. 
  • JMX monitoring added to give customers the ability to self monitor the PassagePoint application.