Physical Security Trend: Visitor Management & Access Control Integration


An important trend in Visitor Management is for the system to seamlessly integrate with the facilities access control system. Therefore, if you are looking for a visitor management solution, a key selection criteria should be that it can be integrated with your access control system. Likewise, if you are looking for an access control system, you should choose an open-platform solution to ensure interoperability with your visitor management solution.

In a recent article in Campus Security & Life Safety titled: Access Control and Visitor Management: The Power of Integration written by Jeff Bransfield, National Sales Manager at RS2 Technologies, the article states, "It's become apparent in this digital age of transformation that organizations need to adopt a holistic approach to on-site security. Visitor management and access control integration strengthens and improves business operations."

This integration is important to both keep the organization in sync and improve the user experience. Allowing visitors, vendors, contractors and other temporary personnel unescorted access can only be achieved with a seamless integration between the visitor management and access control systems. The visitor badge produced becomes a critical security element since it now includes a barcode or QR code that has an assigned access levels to open turnstiles, access elevators and provide access to specific, even restricted areas within a facility. Therefore its also important to ensure that the visitor management system is policy-based and will automatically deactivate the visitor badge's access credential in case the user doesn't sign out to prevent re-use. 

PassagePoint Visitor Management System integrates with all the leading Access Control Systems including:

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