How COVID has changed Visitor Management Security

Safety and security systems are a must for any business that maintains a physical presence, from a K-12 school district to a large warehouse, a community hospital to a sprawling healthcare campus. While surveillance cameras and access control systems provide a high level of deterrence, these solutions normally focus more on employees with less security features tied to the visitor and vendor population. Therefore, the missing piece of the puzzle is an Enterprise Visitor Management System.

Today, a visitor management system is no longer a nice to have; it is an integral part of a tailored security plan that keeps employees and visitors safe. Managing lobbies and entrances is more challenging than ever, especially with new COVID-19 restrictions. Now along with ensuring a secure facility, companies are asking front-desk personnel to screen employees and visitors for COVID-19 symptoms, a task that takes time and could lead to long lines.

Screening visitors on premises, whether for COVD-19 symptoms or for proper credentials, is a vital operation and one that can lead to stress for front-desk personnel as well as the visitor. Filling out forms, looking for credentials, and answering question after question can lead to a poor first-impression of the business. A visitor management system streamlines the registration process and can alleviate these issues by incorporating an automated pre-screening solution that handles most of the work online.

Many companies now require employees to pre-register visitors in advance of their visit to the facility. This way they can monitor the number of people onsite at any given time, pre-screen potential visitors against internal and external watchlists, and send COVID pre-screening surveys to visitors before they even leave home. Only once a visitor meets all admission regulations are they granted permission to enter the facility.

As you can see, this type of system offers many advantages over the traditional registration and screening procedure that occur on-premises. One major advantage is the ability to process a visitor without contact. Many visitor management systems integrate barcode or QR code scanners so front-desk personnel can simply scan the e-visit pass (either printed or displayed on a mobile device) from a distance to access the visitor’s pre-registration information and instantly print a visitor badge. This touchless system minimizes person-to-person contact and offers an efficient way to register, confirm, and track visitors throughout the facility. In addition to facilitating entry rules and regulations, most visitor management systems provide customizable reporting options that deliver timely information on compliance data used to satisfy liability and risk management policies.

Security needs have increased, along with demands by management for faster visitor registration and more professional-looking badging systems. Plus, tracking visitors and employees during the COVID-19 pandemic has added another vital layer of information gathering. No visitor should be invisible. Large corporations and multiple-location organizations with public access to their facilities require an easy and worry-free method of checking in and monitoring its visitors’ location — as well as its employees. Many businesses, such as corporate buildings, hospitals, multi-tenant commercial building, and schools have frequent visitors, increasing their vulnerability to theft, kidnapping, and damage to property. Now add exposure to the COVID-19 virus to the list, putting an extra burden on lobby personnel and the potential for long lines at the door. Look to a proven visitor management system to not only streamline the visitor registration process but also improve your company image and enhance the safety and security of both employees and visitors.

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