PASS School Safety and Security Guidelines

The PASS (Partner Alliance for Safer Schools) school safety and security guidelines establish the best practices for securing K-12 school facilities. Established in 2014, due to the increasing rate of violent school incidents, the PASS school security checklist allows you to track your school or district’s security exercises in comparison to the best practices identified in the Guidelines.

The fourth edition (2018) of the PASS Guidelines has greatly expanded its focus to address the increasing rate of complex security challenges of today, one of the main topics addressed is Visitor Management. The PASS guidelines take new tiered approach to securing schools, it recommends different solutions that range from Tier 1, baseline, entry-level solutions, through Tier 4, which are advanced, top-of-the-line solutions. PASS guidelines address the first two tiers in regards to Visitor Management.

  • Tier 1 Visitor Badging System: PASS suggests that every school have a visitor badging system. With a wide range from basic to advanced badging system, the minimum being that badges should be issued to all individuals visiting school who are not staff or students.A school should be utilizing the visitors’ government issued identification cards and cross checking with the designated student’s information to ensure the visitor is allowed on campus.
  • Tier 2 Electronic Visitor Management System: Visitor Management Systems are a technology solution to streamline the visitor management process. Within a VMS application, one can track specific visitor data, scan government identification cards to ensure the validity of the visitor, and have a full audit trail of all visitors on the premises. Some Visitor Management Systems even have the capability to cross reference driver’s license data against the National Sex Offender Database or even a full criminal background check.

Today’s school and safety challenges are becoming increasingly complex and multifaceted, to ensure your school is properly secured educate yourself using the PASS guidelines.