Why is Customization an Important Feature in Visitor Management Systems?

It has become more and more vital for organizations to invest in some form of Visitor Management System to keep their premises secure. With so many feature-rich products on the market, how do you decipher which features are necessary for your organization? Customization has become one of the leading and most talked about features amongst the different Visitor Management Systems. Visitor Management is not a one-size-fits-all solution and in order to utilize the software to its greatest potential, you need to be able to manipulate the software to support to the needs of your organization.

Most organizations have more than one type of visitor. Amongst those different types of visitors usually comes a different set of rules. Maybe one group of visitors gets badges, while one doesn't. Maybe contractors get an access control certification, where visitors get escorted. Having a visitor management software that allows you to tailor to different visitor groups is crucial not only for organization, but also it can increase user experience as well. A customized sign-in process allows you to design the reception experience around each separate visitor that steps foot on your premises.

Customization can also improve the efficiency of your organization by allowing for different user roles to be established in the software. Having separate user roles can allow each individual access to different parts of the software. For example, if you had a receptionist who was only responsible for signing in visitors you could have their monitor only show the registration screen. Or, if you had someone who was only responsible for sending reports out, their monitor can only show the report screen. Having the ability to customize different users screens can increase productivity and eliminate many errors that could occur over time.

With customization being one of the most important features amongst Visitor Management Systems nowadays, it is necessary to establish your specific workflows and policies to your organization to be able to find a software that works for you.