The Top 5 Watch Lists & Screening Services You Should Consider Adding to Your Visitor Registration Process

So you’ve made the decision to add an electronic visitor management system to your security program. Now what to do to ensure you take advantage of the features available to secure your facility. What’s next? When visitors want to enter your premises - what are the guidelines? It is essential to consider the multiple screening and watch list services integrated with your VMS. Screening against watchlists can be a helpful tool used to compliment your organizations security platform. Incorporating one, if not all of these lists, will make your first line of defense more secure.

Government Watch Lists
Major law enforcement agencies and sanctioning bodies have comprised screening lists and made them available to organizations. Two of the most commonly used external watchlists are Visual Compliance and ITA. ITA is free and screens against the Consolidated Screening List, which the US government maintains restrictions on – exports, re-exports, or transfer of items.

Visual Compliance acquires an added cost, however their database is more extensive and covers a wide range of concerned areas, including Financial, Politically Exposed Persons, and International Terrorism. MK data is another next level real-time integration to government watch lists with comprehensive databases of consolidated denied and restricted parties. Depending on your organizational workflow it may be required to adhere to the International Traffic and Arms Regulations (ITAR compliance), which would require you to screen visitors against these third party lists.

Sex Offender Screening
Sex Offender Screening may often be a legal requirement on most K-12 premises and many children’s hospitals. This feature instantly screens all visitors, including volunteers and vendors, against the Sex Offender Registry before letting them into your facility. If a positive match is found during the Sex Offender Registry search, a message will be displayed on the screen. Depending on your VMS software, an automated message can be sent out to necessary personnel via email or text message.

Internal Watch Lists to Prevent Unwanted Visitors
Sometimes security threats arise from individuals that won’t show up on a screening service. Having a VMS that has the ability to import an internal watch lists is essential for your security platform. Similar to the external watch lists, a discreet notification can be sent to the needed personnel to inform of an unwanted visitor. This could be an imperative feature for your organization for a variety of potential threats that could occur; fired employees, non-custodial parent issues, reoccurring solicitors, etc..

Internal Watch List for VIPs
Not all watchlists need to be negatively designed to recognize potential threats. Many organizations have situations where personnel needs to be alerted of a VIP on the premises, to offer a truly personalized visitor experience. Handled similarly to the other watchlists, a VIP watchlist can ensure the appropriate employee or host is notified instantly with a text message or email and an attached photo. This alleviates the inconvenience if the host does not know who the important visitor is.

Before any of these lists can be implemented at your organization, it is imperative that you address your security protocol and procedures prior to determine what would be the most beneficial. Once established, these automated background screenings and internal watchlists will add the supplemental layer of security to your one-of-a-kind visitor management system.