PassagePoint Global Release Update - October 2016

PassagePoint Global & EDU Release 6365
PassagePoint Product Release Announcement

At STOPware, we are continually investing in product development to ensure that PassagePoint is the most robust and feature-rich Visitor Management System available. In our new release of PassagePoint Global (Build 6365) we've implemented many new features including: performance improvements, new Access Control integrations, and many other features for web pre-registration, kiosk and badge design. Check out what's new and plan your upgrade today.

Upgrades are available free for all customers who have active Software Support Plans. To check the status of your support plan or to learn more, contact us at

New Features & Improvements
  • Performance optimization for group Sign-in flow from Pending tab
  • Performance improvement for Evacuation Report
  • Performance optimization for Sign-In flow in PassagePoint Desktop Client
  • Integration with Open Options Flex API v1.24 ACS
  • Integration with PremiSys version 2.16b
  • Acuant SDK integration -
  • Support for Oracle 12c
  • Apache Tomcat Upgrade to 7.0.68.
  • Log Rotation for Tomcat
  • Add Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2014
  • Added support to set brightness for Acuant Driver's license scanned image
  • Trigger automatic refresh of idinfo on PassagePoint clients
  • Sending first/last/email to cisco router via API
  • Web pre-reg notification to Service Desk if Visitor requires wifi access
  • Web Internal Watch List approval process
  • Web | Add sorting for 'Upcoming Visits'
  • Support for Attachment in Visitor notification email
  • Warning message for illegal characters in email templates
  • Auto Capitalize the first character of "Representing" field through out the application
  • Display date for Pending and Authorized records in Time only format
  • Add support to update a single instance of a recurring Pre-Reg
  • Add Support for Tomorrow's Pre-Reg Report
  • Expose User Account details in Badge Designer for Sign In
  • User Account initials in Badge Designer
  • Allow setting in People Category to Auto Sign-Out at a specific time
  • Add 'Purpose of Visit' list dropdown on Kiosk
  • Kiosk | Add support for multiple Region Scans
  • Kiosk | Support for 2D Driver License scan using Barcode Reader.
  • Internal Watchlist for patients (sponsor/host) with support for 10 custom fields in watch list
  • Override limit for HL7 Room/Bed
  • If user switches to some different Region other than default then the ID/License scan displays incorrect results
  • Visit Log and Pre-Registration Report | Add multiple Host of a visit in a single column
  • Delete feature enhancements
  • SSLv3 enabled vulnerability on Passage Point server
  • Host Intellihint | Configuration to pull records only from LDAP/ODBC
  • Sex offender search taking more than 10 seconds will display a busy pane having message "Search in Progress...Please wait"
  • Increased 'Search' and 'List' Result tabs to 5000, previously could display maximum 1000 records
  • Enhancement For Super User Accounts

Bug Fixes
  • Web: Email Date format does not respect Global settings
  • Web: Cannot select host having apostrophe in their email address
  • Web Pre-Reg | When 'All Day Event' is checked barcode sign in pop up alert "visitor not authorized at current time"
  • Web | Importing more than 523 records get oops error
  • Web Pre-registration Past Visit: Cannot create new group pre-reg using past visit
  • Kiosk: Scanning Directory Unique Value Barcode opens KioskForm screen
  • Rapid Reg: Expiration date does not change with valid thru date
  • Rapid Reg: Valid thru date changes to access control expiration date on view full record
  • Rapid Reg: Access control Card expiration does not change for entire group
  • Report of single Destination appears when there are two Destinations having same name 
  • Additional characters added to directory records
  • Visit History | Incorrect Valid Thru Time appears on 'View Historic Record'
  • Cache does not invalidate the changes made in person record
  • PostgreSQL 9.2 | Identify Fingerprint window closes on clicking 'Identify' button
  • Printer can not print - multiple badges on to 8 x 11
  • LDAPODBC | Multiple records with same unique id get created on changing the LDAP/ODBC directory category to a non-directory category
  • LDAP | Multiple Records with same Unique ID gets created.
  • Latest scanned photo is not used as the Visitor: Photo data object for the badge.
  • 'Report Center' tab opens on clicking the 'Security Center' or 'Tracking Center' tabs when 'Directory Center' tab is not checked in the ‘User Role’
  • Schedule Task Import using MSSQL 2012 does not assign category and sometimes deactivate everyone

Database structure changes
  • Added new column x_custom5 in x1_watchlistentry
  • Added new column x_custom6 in x1_watchlistentry
  • Added new column x_custom7 in x1_watchlistentry
  • Added new column x_custom8 in x1_watchlistentry
  • Added new column x_custom9 in x1_watchlistentry
  • Added new column x_custom10 in x1_watchlistentry
  • Added new column x_nameInitials in X1_USERACCOUNT
  • Added new columns x_isfixedsignouttime and x_signoutvisitat in X1_PERSONCATEGORY table
  • Added new column x_creator in X1_VISITINFO