PassagePoint Global Release Update - February 2016

New PassagePoint Global & EDU Upgrade Released
Delivering Smarter Functionality for Visitor Registration & Tools to Maintain Data Integrity

In our new release of PassagePoint Global (Build 6356) we implemented 8 new features as well as a multitude of improvements. All these developments will not only allow you to more easily process visitors in a timely fashion, but there are also some new features to assist backend data processing.

We are always working hard to ensure that our software supports the latest operating systems which is why this new version of PassagePoint will work seamlessly with Windows 10 & the PassagePoint Web Pre-Registration module is now supported for the Edge Browser.

Product Enhancements & New Features
  • Added 'Auto Merge' feature that provide options to:
    • Merge all the records
    • Merge specific records
    • Schedule task merge process
  • Added the following features in Pre-Registration:
    • Ability in 'Today's Pre-Reg" to add a column that will display the "Special Instructions"
    • Ability in "Today's Pre-Reg" to list everyone in chronological order by time of arrival
    • Added in "Today's Pre-Reg" a column that can display a checkmark next to visitors to show which visitors have their badge printed
    • Ability in "Today's Pre-Reg" to extend the real estate of the list to the far right and to the very bottom
  • Ability in to manually enter the time of the Visit (both start and end times) in the PassagePoint web interface
  • Added support in Directory Center which will allow adding / associating PDF documents to a directory person
  • Enhanced DT Research Tablet Camera Flash functionality
    • option to enable or disable Flash for rear camera of DT Research Tablet
  • Enhanced Agreement Text capacity to support maximum 12000 characters.
  • Added ability to assign a default system path to image repository
  • Added support for Forgot Password and Login Name on Web Pre-Registration interface
  • Added support for HL7-A18 Merge Message

  • Fixed an issue where an incompatible version 1.1.22 of the APR based Apache Tomcat Native library is installed, while Tomcat requires version 1.1.32
  • Fixed an issue where Total Count Report listing counts by Last names in Pre-Registration Report
  • Fixed an issue where the 'Add Another' button disappears on adding another Host in MS Edge browser
  • Fixed an issue where filters in Advanced Search tab doesn't align correctly on removing previously added filter
  • Fixed an issue where Client/Server Info "Show" button causes PassagePoint to hang
  • Fixed an issue where Visit fails to appear in Active tab, when the person's record being merged while signing in
  • Fixed an issue where pre-existing patient's Admission Date/Time fail to update with current Admission Date/Time

We always strive to ensure our customers are using the most up to date version of PassagePoint Global. To find out what version of PassagePoint you are currently using, simply go to: Home>Configure System>Product Licenses>Product.

Upgrades are available free for all customers who have active Software Support Plans. To check the status of your support plan or to learn more about any of the new PassagePoint features, contact us at