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How can I set up my access control system to work with PassagePoint Global?

The scripts to add your access control system are already pre-loaded in the PassagePoint Global software.

On a client, home=>configure system=> External systems=>Access control system=>Add=>select your access control system

You just need to create an ODBC source to your access control system table that imports the visitor data.

Add this ODBC name to "ODBC connection Name", then enter username/password.

Click on the default profile and review the settings.

How do you add a video to PassagePoint Global kiosk?

You can add a video to the KioskVideo screen by following these steps

  1. Open the Screen Policy menu under Home > Configure System > Policy Manager
  2. Filter Screen Type to Kiosk Screens
  3. Expand the list of Kiosk screens, select KioskVideo and clicks Edit
  4. Select movieFileName from the list of screen properties
  5. Update the file value with the new file location

I can’t print from PassagePoint

First check to see if the printer cable is plugged in to both the computer and the printer. Then go to your Windows Start Button and click on the “Devices and Printers”. Make certain that the icon for the printer is active and online. If yes then log into PassagePoint with an admin account. Check and see if the printer is defined in the PassagePoint Client Go to the Home Tab =>Station Preferences Ribbon

In some cases you may need to highlight the Printer shown on the Installed Devices List and remove it. Then click the Add button and add the printer back to the system. Once that is done go to the Visit Center and print a test Visitor badge.
If the printer is properly configured in PassagePoint and it still does not print then:

Test and see if you can do a test print from the print driver. Most drivers will allow a "test print"
If that does print, try printing from another app, i.e. Notepad.

If notepad also fails, check the print queue. Clear out and delete any stuck print jobs
After clearing out and printing again, if it still fails to print from notepad or the driver, please give the printer manufacture a call for further support.
If you can print from the driver or notepad and just fails in PassagePoint, call STOPware Technical Support.

In most cases, the above should resolve most non-printing issues.

PassagePoint sometimes freezes when scanning a Driver License

  1. In device manager> Universal Serial Bus Controllers
  2. Right click ‘USB Root Hub’ and select properties
  3. Click on Power Management
  4. Uncheck “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”
  5. Repeat this for all USB Root Hub

Can’t save changes to e-mail templates

Problem: Email sent out keeps sending out the same template even though the changes have been made and saved several times.
Solution: In order for the changes to take effect, PassagePoint Services need to be restarted.

Cannot log in. It says client license are all in use or not assigned to a station.

Reason: Customer is using PassagePoint Enterprise Control Center, but they have not assigned the station and user to a specific location in the enterprise control center.

The Topaz Signature Capture Pad is connected but I can't sign the NDA agreement.

Make sure you have the Topaz installed.  You can go to the Topaz website and download the sigplus software.  Make sure you install the demo to your desktop (option in installer) and run the demo.  This will allow you to see if the Topaz is working.  If it works on their software 100% of the time, it will work in PassagePoint.  If not, your Topaz unit may be defective or you may have to call Topaz technical support.

The Email notifications / Directory Link features not working

First troubleshooting step is to check your service account password. Make certain that all Service Accounts assigned to the PassagePoint System have non expiring passwords.

The system locks up when running reports

Try to run the report with a smaller date range. For customers processing thousands of visitors per day, sometimes reducing the date range to less than 6 months optimizes performance. 

Our customer is considering using a separate server for the "web server" portion of the PassagePoint system. The intent is to put the web server out and then have the application server behind the firewall. Is this supported in PP Global?

I'm getting the following error message during my PassagePoint installation - "database cannot be used" - what does this mean?

This means the client couldn't connect to the server. Please look to make sure the server is running.

What should I do if I get a "file not found" error when launching PassagePoint under a non-admin PC log-in?

Give full permissions to the Docucap folder

C:\Program Data\Docucap

If you do not have hidden folders enabled; follow the steps below to enable hidden folders:

  1. Open windows explorer
  2. File> Organize> select "Folder and search options"
  3. In the Folder Options window> select the "View" tab
  4. Select radio button "Show hidden files, folders, and drives"
  5. Hit "Apply" then "OK"

Then Program Data will be visible in the root of C:

What are the steps to connect the Honeywell barcode readers (Hyperion 1300g) with Global?

This document shows how to conect the Honeywell barcode readers. How to Install and Configure the Honewell Barcode Scanner


How do I backup my database before performing a PassagePoint upgrade?

It is IMPORTANT you make sure you make backups before the update.

Database steps for postgresql. (If running MS SQL server or Oracle, please consult your DBA)

1) Start->all programs->postgress->PGAdmin III
2) Double-click on PostgreSQL Database Server 8.2
3) Login w/amber as the password (unless you've changed it)
4) Once logged in, expand the directory until you can highlight the amber database and do a back-up (use the settings below)

5) Copy the entire config folder - (C:\PPGlobal\Config) and paste onto another location as a back up

What is the import order for the Web Pre-reg group registration Tab Delimited Text file?

The text file must meet with the following requirements:

1. Column header is required and should be included as the very first line, and should specify the following header names (case insensitive)

1. first: column for person first name, REQUIRED
2. last: column for person last name, REQUIRED
3. company: person's company name
4. email: person's email
5. uniqueId: person's unique id
6. mobileNumber: person's mobile phone number
7. custom1
8. custom2
9. custom3
10. custom4
11. custom5

2. First and last header names are mandatory, and others are optional.

For example, this import file contains three columns for first name, last name, and company.


3. The Import file is considered invalid if column header line does not contain "first" and "last", or if it contains any other unrecognized header names.

How to Reset the Admin password

Reset the admin password by following the steps listed in this PDF document: Click here to download 

Why doesn't your web pre-registration module support Microsoft XP and IE8?

Microsoft stopped supporting XP and IE8 April 8, 2014. Since they announced this was supposed to happen in November 2013, most enterprise products ended their support at that time, but Microsoft gave a 6 month extension for their diehards. You can read Microsoft's reason's here: For reference, Google stopped supporting IE8 in November and most banks have announced that they will not support IE8 after June 2014.

The PassagePoint web client supports the following browsers:
Chrome (latest 3 releases)
Firefox (latest 3 releases)

How can I change the button text from "Sign In" to "Print Label" on the kiosk sign-in screen?

Here’s the steps to edit the Sign-In button:

  • Home> Configure System> Screen Policy
  • Kiosk Screens is selected in Screen Type
  • Show All Screens is selected in Screen Filter
  • Expand> Default screen policies> kiosk screens> kioskVisitSignIn
  • Hit Edit
  • Select 'Sign In' button
  • In Properties, in the bottom left hand corner of the window, click 'Label Text'
  • Remove BTN_SIGNIN, enter "Print Label" then hit the return key
  • Save the changes by hitting the 'save' disk icon in the top ribbon