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When we create access codes within AMAG they're not showing up in PassagePoint.

Access levels from AMAG are not auto-populated to PassagePoint. You would need to manually enter them into file=>configure=>edit list.

When we scan an ID, does Passage Point have a setting that will match previously scanned ID’s so we don’t have to keep them all?

Use the intellihint feature for this:  in the Rapid Reg, when a user types in first, then parts of the last name, PassagePoint will present any matching past visit.

Select the correct past visit and PassagePoint will then pre-fill the visitors info from the last visit. This is reusing a previous visitor's info to re-register a visitor.

How come the Canadian medical ID won’t scan?

Based on customer feedback, Canadian medial ID’s are not a valid form of identification and were removed from the PassagePoint program for scanning in December 2013.

In Postgre Sql, where is the user table and what user and password do I use for the first access to the database/program?

In Postgre SQL, double click on database, and the password should be amber.

In PassagePoint Global can we search visitor names being pre-registered against a denied parties list?

Yes, you can check pre-registered visitors against two lists:  1st one referred to as Homeland Security list, and the 2nd one referred to as Denied Persons list.  

You can also create your own internal watch list to check against.

Is the AH-1023G SnapShell IDR Scanner - Business Card & Driver License Scanner Windows 7 and 8 compatible?

Yes, the AH-1023G is Windows 7 and 8 Compatible.

We update our servers monthly to keep current with the Microsoft critical updates. Are there specific procedures to apply MS Updates to the PassagePoint server? Is there a good time for the application to be down for 1/2 hour?

It really depends on your business rules and when you can reboot without disrupting your users. Generally on reboot, Microsoft gracefully shuts down the services, so no need to manually shutdown the server.

Does the Accuant Passport scanner authenticate IDs/assist in identifying fake ids?

The passport scanner with RFID authenticates the passport by reading the MRZ which unlocks the RFID chip so that we can make the comparison between data on the passport and the data carried in the chip. So the first step is the MRZ has not been compromised, then the chip is unlocked and then final validation through the data comparison.
Licenses using the front OCR and back bar code provides a level of validation as we can compare the data from both of those sources (also mag strip but that's separate from the passport unit). This may not be ideal from a workflow perspective as the operator needs to flip the ID however, if the concern is validation the extra few seconds it takes to flip the ID should be a non-issue. For passports the only way to really validate it is with the RFID capability.

Can we change the font type in the e-mail template?

Unfortunately we are not able to change the font because we use HTML preformatted text for the email body content to preserve both spaces and line breaks.  Preformatted text is displayed in a fixed-width font (usually Courier by default).

How can we block personal identifiable information when scanning a user’s license or ID. We only want to collect the visitor’s name, state and license expiration date

Home> Configure System> Screen Policy> default screen policy> visit center> CaptureID> edit
Set save_addr1 and to Capture to false.

Do this for any other fields that you wish to not capture.

I’m trying to launch the client on the server and it just shows a popup “Cannot connect to server: localhost

Check that the ports are not being used by another application.  2080, 9876, 9875. 

I enabled the Enterprise Control Center in PassagePoint Global. Once I enabled it I logged off without configuring. I’m hearing reports that no one can login until I assign them a station. I tried to login now and I can’t login either.

The user "admin" should be able to log in, regardless of the Enterprise Control Center.

For the immediate need, log in as "admin" and turn off the Enterprise Control Center.

This will allow all your users to login again.

The attached document will help you  plan on how to segregate your setup. Once you have that, you can enable and configure the Enterprise Control Center:  Control Center

I’m upgrading our PassagePoint workstation to Window 7 from XP and I need to transfer the License how can I accomplish this? Also we have several different PassagePoint workstations how do I know what PC is using what license?

PassagePoint licenses sit on the server.

If this is a client machine, you don't need to do anything in terms of licenses. The new machine will connect and use the existing license on the server.

PassagePoint's license is concurrent usage. For example, you could install 1000 clients, but if you have 5 licenses only 5 can log in at any given time.  The server software itself running does not take up a client license.

A license is only taken up when a user logs in.

Why would a host in web pre-registration get an email notification from themselves?

This could happen if they host themselves. Signing in this way, they will receive their own visit notifications. They will need to uncheck the send email notification.

Tech support asked me for system logs. Where can I find these logs?

The best logs for our technicians are the ppserver-stdoutYYYY-MM-DD logs

Go to the server where PassagePoint Global resides. For example, it could be at D:\PPGlobal\Tomcat\logs

You will find a lot of different log types in that folder. Ppserver-stdout is the one. It will have various dates in the log name. Choose the most recent ones.

When searching for an employee name we get the Error message : "Employeelookup_ldap directory is not accessible. Please alert administrator."

 Typically we see that error message pop-up for two (2) reasons.

1. The password for the AD account expired. The PassagePoint AD account should be a service account with a non-expiring password. 
2. Not enough Active Directory licenses are issued. For every client license you have there needs to be a corresponding Active Directory and Access Control integration license. So if you have three (3) client licenses but only two (2) Directory Link or Access Control licenses then when the third workstation logs onto the system then the employee lookup is blocked. Please check in PassagePoint. Home Tab\Configure System\Product Licenses. Check the bottom half of the screen and make sure the numbers are correspondingly equal.

How much memory is needed for PassagePoint Global?

The actual install of the software is under 500 megs.  Storage of all data and pictures takes more room. The hard disk space is dependent on how many visitors and what type of information you capture.

Here are the space requirements for one visitor for the type of information captured:

1 visitor with no IDScan (text only) -  2 KB per record
1 visitor with Diver License scan but no photo -  54.5 KB per record
1 visitor with Diver License scan plus photo -  70.5 KB per record

How do I import a group of visitors into PassagePoint Global Client pre-registration?

You can import a group of visitors for pre-registration by setting up an import mapping and having a CSV/TSV template with the desired information.  

This document walks you throught the steps of setting up an import mapping and creating a CSV/TSV template:  Importing Visitors into PPG Client Pre-Reg 0v0815.2.pdf

At what specific point (trigger action) is the email actually sent for the Watch list notification?

When a watchlist is matched (criteria for a match is the first 3 characters of first name and full last name), the user will receive the Watch List Alert window pop up. 

The watchlist email is sent when the Alert pop up screen is closed
In order to get the watch list window pop up and send an email, configure the following:
1. E-mail server 
2. Internal Watch List Match Notification email template with valid email (restart client after changes are made)
3. Screen policy with emailWatchList flag set to 'True' for a specific visit center screen.

Where can I find the license information for PassagePoint Global?

To locate the type and number of PassagePoint licenses:

1.   Log into PassagePoint as an admin or with a log in with rights to Configure.
2.   Navigate to Home>Configure System>Product Licenses.
3.   The license information, including, types and quantity, display under the Licenses section at the bottom of the screen.  

The LDAP Directory Link always Times Out and returns “No Records Found” when the Search Query looks for more than 999 records. Why is this and what can we do to rectify?

By default, there is a maximum return of 1000 records set by Active Directory.

The recommendation is to refine the search criteria so a smaller data set is returned.
For example, instead of searching for "s"

search for  "samuel"

Here' is the explanation from Microsoft: 
To ensure that domain controllers can support service-level guarantees, you can specify operational limits for a number of LDAP operations. These limits prevent specific operations from adversely impacting the performance of the server and also make the server resilient to denial-of-service attacks.

Can you please help me set up my 06151 badges in PassagePoint Global? I have a Dymo450 installed. The badge design starts printing only on the lower half of the badge. I have the 06151 set to default for my Badge Design and in the Printing Policy.

The Badge size for the printer setting is 30374 Appointment Card.

Home> Station Preferences> select the Dymo and choose badge "30374" 

Also, use this setting in the printer as well.

From windows> Start> devices and printers> right click dymo> select printer properties
advanced tab> printing defaults...> select landscape orientation> hit advanced button
Papersize> 30374> Hit Ok> Then go to General tab> Preferences and make sure the setting is the same.

We upgraded our email server to Exchange 2013. We changed the Email server setting in PassagePoint, but it still doesn't connect to the email sever. It worked before the upgrade.

You can use this Microsoft knowledge base entry to use Telnet to connect to the SMTP to test your mail server from the PassagePoint machine  -

How do I move PassagePoint Global to a different server?


Source Machine = Production server is the customer's server that contains the PassagePoint Global “config” folder and database
Destination Machine = New server for the PassagePoint Global “config” folder and database
NOTES:  Source machine and destination machine should use the same version of PassagePoint Global.
The product keys will need to be reset by STOPware before they can be loaded onto the new machine. Contact or to find and reset the keys
To move the PassagePoint Global Server software to a new machine:
On the Source Machine
1.    Stop the Passage Point service. Control Panel>Administrator Tools>Service - locate PassagePoint server and stop service.
2.    Backup the entire "Config" folder (C:\PPGlobal\Config)
3.    Backup the Database. 
a.    Start->all programs->postgreSQL->PGAdmin III
b.    Double-click on PostgreSQL Database Server 8.2
c.    Login with amber as the password (unless you've changed it)
d.    Once logged in, expand the directory until you can highlight the amber database and do a back-up (use the settings below)

SQL server or Oracle
Have SQL or Oracle DBA back-up the database from the Source Machine.
On The Destination Machine:
1.    Install PassagePoint Global on the new machine. Do not run the application after installation until all the steps are completed. 
2.    Restore the database on the Destination Machine.
a.    Open PGAdminIII and delete/drop amber.
b.    Right click Databases and create amber. Right click amber and follow the attached Restoring database file.
c.     Close the dialog box when you see “Process returned exit code “
SQL server or Oracle
Have SQL or Oracle DBA restore the database from the Source Machine and give you the new database location username/password (user must have DBO rights).

1. Replace the “Config” File (C:\PPGlobal\Config) on the new machine with a copy of the “Config” file from the old machine.
2. Remove \PPGlobal\Config\idinfo file.
3. Remove \PPGlobal\Client\idinfo file.
This step must be performed on each client machine OR you can skip this step now and after completing the below steps perform following:
a. Login to PassagePoint desktop client
b. Navigate to Home > Configure System > Database Tools
c. Click on Reset button given next to “Reset Id info:” and click OK
d. Restart PassagePoint Server and Clients.
4. Remove all files except publickey0 in \PPGlobal\Config\context\1\license\
5. Increase the 'counter value' in the seq.xml file at the path C:\PPGlobal\Config\context\1\seq.xml. Example: Add 500 in the current counter value.
              Note: If Config backup and Database backup is taken at the same point then this step is not required
6. Increase the 'counter value' in the prefix.xml file at the path C:\PPGlobal\Config\prefix.xml. Example: Add 500 in the current counter value.
7. If location of SQL server database has changed, make sure you change the location and username/password with the correct one given to you by the SQL/Oracle DBA in step #2 above. (The file that contains location and username/password is PPGlobal\Config\sqlcontext.xml)
8. Restart the PassagePoint Global service.

The picture and name of the guest isn't printing on the badge when we scan a passport or when we use a repeat visitor.

Most likely, you have different fields defined on the badge template than you intended.
There are now three photo types:
Visitor: Captured Photo -> The photo behind this object is the existing visitor photo captured via webcam
Visitor: Scanned ID Photo -> The photo behind this object is the existing visitor photo extracted via ID scan
Visitor: Scanned Passport Photo -> The photo behind this object is the existing visitor photo extracted via Passport scan
You  may have the Visitor Captured Photo on the badge template; this will only print a photo on this badge if you previously took a picture of that visitor via webcam. If no webcam photo is available, the photo placeholder is blank even if a Passport or ID picture exists.
You need to review your badge templates to ensure that each badge template photo object is the desired photo to print on the badge.