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Is it possible to have the company field on the web pre-registration be a required field?

Currently, the ability to make the company field required in web pre-registration is not a feature in the software.

Will PassagePoint Global kiosk mode work on a tablet?

The PassagePoint Global software will work on a Windows tablet.  If the tablet has integrated hardware, such as a camera or signature capture, those may not work with PassagePoint Global.  

The DT Research tablet, sold by STOPware, is the only tablet with integrated hardware that is supported by STOPware.

If you have another tablet brand with integrated hardware, STOPware would be glad to test it with PassagePoint Global.  The charge for this testing is $500.00; note that if additional programming is required to get the integrated hardware to work with PassagePoint Global that would be an additional charge.

Can I override the WatchList alert pop up and sign in a visitor? Also, can extra information be added to the WatchlLst alert to confirm identity, such as address and date of birth?

There is a WatchList option to disallow sign in.  If this box is un-checked, the operator can sign in the visitor on the WatchList.
Home>Configure System? System Lists>WatchLists

When you add the person to the WatchList, you can specify other information, like date of birth and address, in the Alert Message box.

Are there clear text passwords in Passage Point Global?

Passwords in PassagePoint Global are encrypted.

Do I need a separate server for the PassagePoint software or can it reside on the C-CURE server?

Whether the PassagePoint software can reside on the same server as  C-CURE depends on the horsepower of the server running the C-CURE system. If the server is a 2008 or higher running a Xeon or iCore7 processor with 12 GB Ram then you shouldn't have a problem. PassagePoint can run on a VMware instance with 6GB RAM. In either case we will need to make an ODBC connection from PassagePoint to C-CURE to push records.

How are the keys for SSL generated and how does PassagePoint handle the SSL encryption?

PassagePoint uses Java SSLEngine ( for client/server secure connection over the Transport Layer Security protocol.
The SSL key is generated by Java keytool (, and the keystore file is saved in the application binary.

Client/server loads the key from application binary at run-time, performs the SSL handshake, and data will flow through the SSLEngine.

Outbound data are encrypted and integrity protected, and inbound data reverse the process.

At what time does the system sign out all the active records in the PassagePoint Global and AMAG integration?

When Visitors are automatically signed out depends on the version of PassagePoint:
PassagePoint 13 Professional & Enterprise - deactivation time can be set in advance. For example, everyday at 11PM.
Global & EDU - based on visit duration. For example, 4 hours after the Visitor signs in.  

To set the visit duration for a category of visitors, go to:

  1. Home>Configure System>System Lists>People Categories.  
  2. Select the Category and then Edit.
  3. You can set the duration under the Visit Duration Policy - Visit Duration Time Default (hours).

We have one license and we are considering using Kiosk. Will we still be able to log in to do reporting with just one license?

Licensing for PassagePoint is based on concurrent usuage.  With only one license, if you are using the desktop, you will not be able to run the Kiosk at the same time.  If you use the license to run Kiosk there is a way you can use another system for reporting. 

There is a default account in PassagePoint Global called "Admin".  This account is a Super User and can log in to do reporting and configuration. If you log in with your user account first you can then log in with the Super Admin "admin"account, that comes with the PassagePoint installation,you will be able to log in and do reporting.  If you log in with the Super Admin "admin" account first you won't be able to log in with your user account because the Super Admin "admin" log in will use up the client license.  

The "admin" user is the Super Admin and is the only admin that has this privilege. Any other admins created will receive an error alert "No client license is available. Either all licenses are in use, or licenses and stations in Control Center are misallocated."

Is there a report to track a series of questions we have set (under agreements) for all visitors to answer?

This is an optional part of the NDA report that needs to be configured in the custom report center.

To configure this report, go to:

  1. Home> Report Center> Custom Report Builder> Select NDA Report and hit "Edit"
  2. In the text field View Record, enter ScnBasedTrnVisitRep then hit "Save"
  3. Go to Visit Reports> Step#1> NDA Report> Select a date after the NDA expires.
  4. In Step #3, select Detailed Report> Hit "Preview Report" 
  5. Select a person record from the list> then hit "View Record" from Step #3
  6. A window will pop up and display the NDA

How do I add items to the list under Purpose of Visit?

To add items to Purpose of Visit, go to:

  1. Home> configure system> system lists> lists
  2. Select:  Purpose of Visit List (under Purpose of Visit folder) and hit Edit
  3. Hit "Add" button
  4. Click into the item <New Item> and clear out <New Item>
  5. Enter the new list item and hit "Save"

How do I alphabetize the Destinations when using the Enterprise Control Center?

The destinations display in the order they were added in the Allocation Editor in the Enterprise Control Center.  If you want them in alphabetical order, you need to add them to the site alphabetically.

To add the destinations in the Allocation Editor:

  1. Go to Home>Configure>Enterprise Control Center> Edit Locations & Allocations
  2. Select the desired location on the top of the window
  3. Expand the Destinations on the bottom of the window
  4. Add the desired Destinations using the >> button in the desired order.
  5. Save your changes.

Is there is a way to delete visitors, etc. that were added for testing/training purposes in PassagePoint Global?

You can use the "Reset" Button, located at:   Home> configure system>system administration> Database tools> next to Reset Database> Hit "Reset". This action will remove all the records in Passagepoint.

The Reset was designed to remove test data. If you need to remove data once you have the system in production, do not use the Reset Button as it will remove all visitor, directory, and watch list data.

Is there a limit to how many badge categories that we can create?

There is no limit to the number of categories that can be created. Once created, each category can be assigned to a unique badge template.

Can I set up an administrator role if I’ve used all my client licenses?

You can use the default admin role that came with the software (super user), even if all your client licenses are currently being used.  This admin role enables you to see all configurations, the security watch list, and generate reports.

How do I delete a pending visitor that has been pre-registered for the next 30-60 days?

Action=>search=>search for visitor, delete any pending you don't want.

What ports need to be open for the client to connect to the server?

The following ports are required for client to server communication:


Optional ports needed on the server:

If using email - port 25
If using LDAP - 389

If using ODBC - default ODBC port.

Can PassagePoint download to Citrix and access thru Citrix ?

Citrix is not officially supported with PassagePoint.  In testing PassagePoint with Citrix, we found that the application worked, but we were unable to get the hardware devices to work properly (i.e printer, scanner, etc).

We are having issues with PassagePoint always losing its connectivity to the database.

This could be caused because the user PassagePoint uses to connect to SQL server either does not have privileges or that the database doesn't exist correctly anymore.

Have your DBA (database administrator) verify the PassagePoint database, as well as the user used to connect to SQL server.

If the DBA doesn't know who the user is, you can get it from going to:
file->configure->enterprise database->click the dropdown, change it to local, then change back to'll see the user. 

Do not save though, just hit cancel after this.

Is the Arabic language supported in PassagePoint Global?

Unfortunately PassagePoint Global does not support Arabic.  Languages supported are: English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese simplified and Japanese.

We are open to adding new languages based on customer needs. If you need a specific language, please let us know.

How do I delete the CCure9000 personnel record when importing into PassagePoint?

Originally, there was no way to do this and it was actually documented as a limitation with this integration.
When importing from StopWare GLOBAL using the CCure9000, you could only disable the existing CCure record when you signed them out of StopWare.

But we found a way to circumvent that limitation by using an XSLT script.

See the file: DeleteIfDisabled.xslt

This is an XSLT transformation script that can be added to the existing CCure90000 import configuration.
It specifically looks at the XML file being imported and checks the value of the DISABLED field.
If the value of the DISABLED field is TRUE, it changes the import mode to "DELETE".
Then, the existing CCure9000 personnel record that the imported XML file matches on is deleted by the CCure9000 import.
Then, the existing CCure9000 personnel record that the imported XML file matches on is deleted by the CCure9000 import.


1)  Save the attached XSLT file to the desktop of the CCure9000 server.

2)  In the DATA CONVERSION tab of the Import configuration, click on ADD and select CUSTOM STYLESHEET.
     Note that you'll want this custom stylesheet to be after the field-mapping tool or the personnel mapping tool.
3)  When the CUSTOM STYLESHEET window appears, click on the SELECT STYLESHEET button.
4)  Browse to the DeleteIfDisabled.xslt file and select it by clicking on the "OPEN" button.
5) Now that the XSLT script I sent to you is inside of the CUSTOM STYLESHEET window, 
    click on the SAVE AND CLOSE button.
6)  You should now see the custom stylesheet appear after the personnel mapping tool
       (or, the field-mapping tool, depending on which mapping tool you use in the import configuration).
7)  Save and close the import configuration.

Now whenever you import and XML file where the value of the DISABLED field is "TRUE", it'll delete the existing CCure9000 personnel record

How can I get CCure extra debug logging?

In order to capture extra CCure9000 logs, add the following lines to tomcat/pp/webapps/WEB-INF/classes/log4j.xml file:

   <logger name=“slate.server.resource.acs" additivity="false">
      <level value="debug"/>
      <appender-ref ref="async"/>

   <logger name=“lime.xml" additivity="false">
      <level value="debug"/>
      <appender-ref ref="async"/>

Then restart the PassagePoint server from the windows service panel to take this change into account.
This will print debug messages to tomcat/logs/ppserver-stdout-<date>.log file

In our integration with CCure9000 v2.20, we can’t reuse the access cards when a visitor leaves.

If you want to update the card to reuse it you need to add the card number script to the middle name script for sign in and sign out as follows:

acs call signin
   FirstName -> $visit.visitor.preferredName.name2
   LastName  -> $visit.visitor.preferredName.name4
   MiddleName -> $visit.currentTransaction.accessCardGrant.cardNum
   Int1 -> $visit.currentTransaction.accessCardGrant.referenceNum
   LastModifiedTime -> $visit.currentTransaction.accessCardGrant.grantTimeSpan.startTime
   PersonnelType -> $
   CardNumber -> $visit.currentTransaction.accessCardGrant.cardNum
   ClearanceKey -> $visit.currentTransaction.accessCardGrant.clearance
   ActivationDateTime -> $visit.currentTransaction.accessCardGrant.grantTimeSpan.startTime
   ExpirationDateTime -> $visit.currentTransaction.accessCardGrant.grantTimeSpan.endTime
   PropertiesFile ->

acs call signout
   FirstName -> $visit.visitor.preferredName.name2
   LastName  -> $visit.visitor.preferredName.name4
   MiddleName -> $visit.currentTransaction.accessCardGrant.cardNum
   Int1 -> $visit.currentTransaction.accessCardGrant.referenceNum
   LastModifiedTime -> $visit.currentTransaction.accessCardGrant.grantTimeSpan.startTime
   PersonnelType -> $
   CardNumber -> $visit.currentTransaction.accessCardGrant.cardNum
   PropertiesFile ->

Then you need to re-regenerate a new xml, remove the image info from the xml. Create a new import on the CCure side and re-map using this xml as the template. Also you will need to Map the middle name to one of the text1-25, and match it to text1-25. If there are already existing cardholders, you will need to open their record in CCure and copy the card number into the text1-25 that you have mapped to. 

I need to get into a systems admin account but I do not have the admin password. How can I find or reset the password?

Use the information in the following link to reset the password:

The PassagePoint Global Visitor Confirmation e-mails are going into the JUNK folder.

As with any junk email filtering, it depends on how aggressive the "spam filter" is set to.

Here's a good list of spam filtering:

The Dymo 450 TwinTurbo printer keeps spewing out blank badges.

You need to re-seat the front cover on the printer. It is not seated correctly, so it is pressing against the little black button (same as the feed button) on the right side of the Dymo 450 TwinTurbo. So the printer is doing a continuous self-test on its own.