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I have a license to add to PassagePoint Global, does the product key have to be entered on the main server or can you add it from a client PC? Also do you have to go online to the download file?

The licenses can be added from client machines, but the person doing it must be an admin or someone who is allowed to access the Product License screen.
If the computer you are adding the license on does not have internet connection, then you would have to use the Manual License Entry. With Manual License Entry, PassagePoint will automatically register your product and download the license files.

Note: You will need to enter the Machine ID shown when you are on the Add License screen to download the files. To begin, open a web browser and go to and follow the instructions to download each license file. Use the "Load License..." button on the Add License screen on the Client machine with no internet access to load the license into PassagePoint.


  1. Enter your Product Key, Machine ID and Required Registration Information
  2. Click the "Register & Download License File" button
  3. Save the license file to your hard drive (or a floppy disk if it needs to be moved to a separate machine)
  4. Return to the PassagePoint Product Key Manual Entry screen
  5. Click the "Load License" button
  6. Repeat this process for each Product Key

What Anti-Virus software has been approved for use with PassagePoint Global and what exclusions would you recommend for real-time scanning?

PassagePoint Global has not been officially tested with anti-virus software and therefore, there isn’t a list of approved anti-virus software available.

We do have customers running PassagePoint Global with the major anti-virus software, such as Symantec, McAfee, etc., successfully.

When running anti-virus real-time scanning, we recommend you exclude the following:  the entire PPGlobal folder and the Postgresql database (if you are using that database -normally installed in c:\postgres).

How do I customize the Sign in Button in the Kiosk?

To change the text on the Sign In button in the Kiosk:

  1. Exit the kiosk by pressing ALT + F4 and then enter credentials to exit.
  2. Log in to the desktop application as admin
  3. Go to Home> configure System> Select Kiosk Screens from the "Screen Type" dropdown.
  4. Expand Kiosk
  5. Highlight kioskWelcome and hit Edit
  6. In Setting Details, Click on the "Sign In" Button  (this will take you directly to the properties for the button)
  7. In the properties in the bottom left hand corner of Setting Details click on "Label Text" 
  8. Delete the BTN_SIGNIN and enter "Start" then hit the "Enter key" on your keyboard to finalize the text
  9. Save the changes by hitting the save next to the floppy disk in the ribbon.

The Start button is now visible.

How can I clean up duplicate host records in my directory?

You can merge duplicate host records into one record.  This feature must be enable for the desired User Role.

To enable the Merge:

  • Go to Home>Configure System>User Admininstration>User Roles.
  • Select the desired User Role and the Edit button. Svroll to the bottom of the screen for Permissions Options and select Enable Merge on Person Data and the Save button.

To Merge duplicate host records:

  • Using Intelihint, enter the host's first and last names.  
  • If multiple host names appear,select More Information.
  • Highlight the entries to merge and slection the Merge button.  

The host will only have one record in the database with the data from the multiple records.

The ScanShell 1000B is set up correctly and calibrated, but won't scan

The ScanShell 1000B requires permissions to the Docucap folder after it's been calibrated.  If the scanner works for the aministrator, but not for others users, this means that the Docucap folder has a permissions issue.

Make sure that the scanner is set up properly:

  • Scanner is visible in Devices and Printers
  • Scanner has been added to Home?Satation Preferences
  • Scanner has been calibrated successfully
  • Check the PassagePoint Global and ScanShell SDK versions - PassagePoint Global version 6306-6350 and SDK 10.01.26-

To enable permissions on the Docucap folder for all users:

  • Enable hidden folders to see the Program Data - C:\Program Data\
  • Right click on "Docucap" and give full permissions to the Users

Do users need to have admin access to view reports?

It will depend on what kind of role you have given these users. If you go to Home > Configure Home > Users Role you can click on the users role and then click Edit. That will show you what each role can see when they log into PassagePoint. You can add or remove tabs depending on what you want each role to see.

How can we see past visitors registered in the online web registration?

Web registrations will show in the pre-registration report in the report center. If you go to Report Center > Pre-Registration Report and do a preview you will see all the web registrations but they will be mixed in with the client pre-registrations. You can also use the Audit report in the report center and in the description if you put in "Web" it will show you all web registrations.

Why does my Dymo Label printer print multiple (ie. four) labels at one time when I register a visitor?

The Dymo Labelwriter will print mulitple labels when the badge stock specified is not what is in the printer and/or if the badge stock is not seated correctly in the printer.

This document walks you through checking the badge stock specified and how to check if the actual stock is seated correctly in the printer:  DymoLabelmisfeed.pdf

How can I add Special Instructions from Pre-registration to a custom report?

This document walks you through adding a field for pre-registration special instructions to a custom report in PassagePoint Global:  Adding a Pre-Registration Special Instructions Field to a Custom Report

Do the ports need to be set up as bi-directional?

Yes, the ports need to be set up as bi-directional.  The client workstation always initiates the call to the server to connect when it starts up. The client will push data, such as a New visit record, to the server. Then when you go to lookup a pre-registered visitor or intelli-hints for a repeat visitor and for  printing  a badge, the server will need to return information back to the client workstation. 

How does the "Restrict Duration to Business Hours" configuration work?

The "Restrict Duration to Business Hours" is designed to restrict a People Category to sign in only during the business hours of  8am to 5pm.  In order for this to happen the People Category must be set to "Restrict Duration to Business Hours" and when you pre-register the visitor you must select "All day occurance".  (This will also work using the "All Day Event" in the Recurrence screen.)

Steps to create a visit using the Category with 'Restrict Duration to Business Hours' checked are as follows:

Navigate to Configure System > People Categories > Edit a Category (Eg: Visitor) > Check the 'Restrict Duration to Business Hours' check box > Click on Save button

1) Navigate to Pre-reg > Pre-reg Entry form
2) Select the Category mentioned in Precondition, 
3) Enter First Name Last Name.
4) Select 'All Day Event' checkbox.
5) Click on 'Save Pre-Reg' button.(The visit should be created successfully)
6) Navigate to 'Today's Pre-Reg' tab.
7) Verify the Start Date and End date of the visit created in step 4. You will see that the Start Date of the visit is '08:00 AM' and End date of the visit is '05:00 PM'.
8) Change your machine time after 05:00 PM and navigate to Rapid Registration> Pending tab, expand the created record. 

Result: Visitor cannot sign In after business hour - 'Sign In' button will NOT appear after '05:00 PM'. 

Is there a listing of the canned reports in PassagePoint Global?

PassagePoint Global Canned Report List (Alphabetically)


ASIC Card Expiry Person with UID
Access Control Card Number Pre-Registration Report
Active Users Property
Alert Report Todays In-active Pre-Regs
Audit Report Training Visit Report
Consecutive Visits Report Unique ID by Visit Times
Deliveries Visit Audit Merge
Department Totals Visit Duration
Department Visit Summary Visit Limit Exceeded
Evacuation Visit Log
Host Visits Visit Log.task
Hourly Visits Per Destination Visit Purpose
NDA Report Visit Status Report
No Show Visit Tracking Number
Overridden Visits Workgroup Visit Report
People with No Photo  

Can PassagePoint be accessed via VPN?

Since VPN is transparent and works at the network layer, PassagePoint wouldn't know that it's on a VPN, so technically, it would work.

However, this largely depends on the VPN reliability and network bandwidth. VPN encrypts traffic in both directions over an already slow and unreliable network (internet), so in general, the result is slow and unreliable.

It is not recommended to run PassagePoint over a VPN.  If you plan on running PassagePoint over a VPN, you should fully test it in the environment to make sure they are ok with it the speed and reliability.

What types of IDs, other than Driver’s License/Passports, can we use with Acuant’s Driver’s License/Passport Scanners?

Here is a list of templates (document types) supported in the manufacturer's SDK:  List of Templates
Note: Depending on your version of PassagePoint, you may need to upgrade to obtain access to newer templates. Contact with any questions.

We can see how to disable users but is it possible to delete user accounts?

We do not recommend that you Delete user accounts directly from the database because it would cause data referential integrity issue. 

To comply with government regulations we can only hold personal information on visitors for 12 months. Is it possible to delete visitor records without damaging the referential integrity of the data?

We do not recommend that you Delete visitor records directly from the database because it would cause data referential integrity issue. 

However, we are currently adding a “Delete” visitor record feature which will allow you to delete all visitors greater than a certain date. 

How do I create a custom report?

This document walks you through creating a custom report in PassagePoint Global: How to Create a Custom Report

How do I import a list of Visitors or a group into PassagePoint Web Pre‐Registration?

You can enter groups of people into the Web Pre-Registration Module of PassagePoint Global groups without having to manually enter each person one at a time. This is done by uploading a Text Delimited (txt) file with the information for the group of visitors.

The text file must meet with the following requirements:

1. Column header is required and should be included as the very first line, and should specify the following header names (case insensitive)

1. first: column for person first name, REQUIRED
2. last: column for person last name, REQUIRED
3. company: person's company name
4. email: person's email
5. uniqueId: person's unique id
6. mobileNumber: person's mobile phone number
7. custom1
8. custom2
9. custom3
10. custom4
11. custom5

2. First and last header names are mandatory, and others are optional.

For example, this import file contains three columns for first name, last name, and company.

3. The Import file is considered invalid if column header line does not contain "first" and "last", or if it contains any other unrecognized header names.

How do I add a product license in PassagePoint Gobal?

There are two ways to add a product license in PassagePoint Global:  Automatic and Manual.
 Automatic Entry of PassagePoint Global Licenses
- You must have internet connection with port 80 open
- Proxy not supported
- If automatic fails, use the Manual entry option
1.   From a PassagePoint Client, Select “Configure System” From “Home Tab”
2.   Click “Product License” and Click“Add”
3.   Enter in License Key and Click “Get License” then Click “OK”
Manual Entry of PassagePoint Licenses
- You must have a machine that can connect to the internet
- You must obtain the machineID from PassagePoint
1.   From a PassagePoint Client, select ‘Configure System’ from the ‘Home’ Tab
2.   Click “Product License” and Click “Add”
3.   Copy the “Machine ID”
4.   Paste the Machine ID into the machineID  field and complete all the necessary fields. Then hit the Register and download License file.
5.   Once downloaded, take the license file back to the client machine where you copied the machineID from and hit the Load license and load the key file.

What is the difference between the Arrival & Special Instructions fields?

Arrival Instructions is a pre-defined field where the administrator can add items that appear in the drop down menu.  The operator can choose from the list when pre-registering a visitor.
Special Instructions is a free-form field where the person pre-registering a visitor can specify instructions for the receptionist to see when the visitor arrives.
If there is any data in the Arrival Instructions or Special Instructions fields of a pre-registration, the receptionist will see an "Instructions" pop-up while signing in this person from the Expanded Panel or the entry form.
Both Arrival Instructions and Special Instructions can be added on the email template to the host/secretary and/or visitor. These are available as "Pre Reg: Arrival Instructions" and "Pre Reg: Special Instructions" under Database Objects of email templates.

If we made modifications to the individual screens for the kiosk profile (text, button names and settings, etc.), do we need to copy those to the new update code folder or will it automatically do that?

If the modifications were done in "Configure System", these will stay intact even after updates. No manual steps are needed. If any changes were made to a file directly, which we do not recommend, we cannot answer this question without getting information about the file and the change.

Does every client need to be individually updated or does it do that once you connect to the server (i.e. pull the information from the server and run its update automatically)?

If you are on PassagePoint Build 6313 or higher, the client will automatically upgrade once it connects to the updated server. No manual updates are required for client. If you are on a lower build of PassagePoint, please contact us for additional information.

When updating PassagePoint global, when does the database upgrade occur; during installation, the first time the service starts and connects to the database, or at some other time?

The database upgrade occurs when the server starts and connects to the database.

How can I go back in HL7 patient lookup if there are multiple names to choose from to see each patient?

You can use the following steps to select a different patient on the screen. We admitted three Patients with the same name - John Doe: 
1. Navigate to Pre-Registration or Rapid Registration Entry tab
2. Under Host Info section, selected category as Patient.
3. Entered 'First Name' and 'Last Name' as 'John' and 'Doe' respectively. Intellihint shows up having 3 records.
4. Selected one record. 
5. Now, if you want to select some other patient, just remove single letter from the last name (removed 'e' from 'Doe')
6. Typed 'e' again in the last name and the list to select the patient will show up again

Also, you may even click on 'More Information' button in step 4 instead of directly selecting through 'intellihint' list.  This video shows the above scenario in action

Can PassagePoint Global be set up on a VMware machine/Virtual desktop?

VMware is supported for the PassagePoint server application. NOTE: VMware is not supported for the PassagePoint client application.