What's included in the Acuant SDK 10.07.16 upgrade?

In June 2015, Acuant released a major upgrade to 10.07.16. This release included the following:
New Functionality
• Added a new function to change the brightness of the output image. 
• Added a new API GetRawImageBufferData to get image buffer from SnapShell scanners. 
• Fixed typo in the calibration UI message. 
• Enhancements to TWAIN scanning functions for Panasonic TWAIN scanners. 
• Added TWAIN scanning support for Burroughs SmartSource Elite scanner. 
• Add extraction of class field from California 2D barcode. 
• Added support to read British Columbia and Mexico Matricula ID 2D barcodes. 
• Updated ScanShell 2000R/NR drivers. 
• Enhancements to SnapShell driver for better image capture and quality.
• Improved reading for 2D barcodes, medical insurance cards, passports, and IDs. 
• Improved address reading from European and USA IDs. 
• Improved TWAIN scanning functionality. 
Template Enhancements
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