How do I change the language preferences in PassagePoint Global?

Desktop Client
There are 9 languages currently supported in the Desktop client:
English, English -United States, English-Canada, Spanish, French, German, ChineseSimplified, Chinese -Traditional and Japanese

The client language is defined at the user level by selecting one of the nine Language drop-down options available under:
Home > Configure System > User Administration > User Accounts. 

A client restart is needed to apply the configuration change. No server restart is needed.

Kiosk Client
The Kiosk supports six languages by default: 
English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese-Simplified

Add Kiosk Language via Configure system > Policy Manager > Sign-in Kiosk Profiles

Select the default kiosk profile and edit. Add Kiosk language and Save.
Now when you log into the kiosk client, users can select a language.
Bilingual Screen Labels
All Kiosk and Client screen labels and fields can be hidden/enabled via Screen Policy. You can edit all labels via locale files if you want to carry two languages for the visitor info data on the Pre-Reg screen. 
Web Client
Currently English is the only language available in the Web Client.
Although, all Web screen labels and fields can be hidden/enabled via CSS file. You can also edit all labels with custom languages via the same locale files.

There is currently no option for language selection for Web Pre-registration. Super admins can change the language by translating the locale files for the web.

This document has more information on languages:  Languages Supported v1506.02.pdf