How can I prevent the entry screen from displaying in kiosk when a barcode badge is scanned to check a directory visitor in/out?

In order to have the kiosk scan the barcode for check in without presenting the visit form, you must have the following enabled in PassagePoint Global.

  1. Go to Home>Configure System>Screen Policy>Rapid Registration>Edit
  2. Click on AutoGenVisUID and change to True, save and exit page.
  3. Go to Home>Badge Design>create a badge with a barcode, make sure barcode is set to Visit Tracking Number
  4. Next go to People Category>Visitor and check Allow to be included in the directory.
  5. Go to Extended Authorization and register a person as a visitor
  6. Now go to Rapid Registration>Visit Entry put in the name of the person you just register for extended authorization and select them from Intellihint
  7. Sign in that person and make sure you have selected the badge you created with a visit tracking number barcode.
  8. You must also set the barcode scan policy to “Allow Directory person with no pre-reg to sign in”. 

Now when you scan badges in kiosk mode you should just get the sign­in and sign­out notice page.