How can I change the size of a badge label?

The size of a badge label is called a Stock Size in PassagePoint Global.  You must define the badge stock size before you can add it to a badge template.

To define stock sizes:

  1. From Home | Configure System| Badge Designer | Stock Sizes, select the Add button.
  2. The Setting Details for the Stock Size screen appears.
  3. Enter a name for the Stock Size and the Stock Number (from the manufacturer). Choose the Unit for the badge measurements, either inches (in) or centimeters (cm).
  4. Enter the badge width and height for Portrait Orientation (where the longest side goes from top to bottom).
  5. Check the box if you want the badge in Landscape Orientation (where the longest side goes from right to left side).
  6. Check the box if you are using a sheet of labels where the badge label is the same size as the sheet i.e 1 label per sheet.
  7. Enter the following:
Sheet Width & Height – Specify the physical dimensions in inches or centimeters of each badge on a sheet or roll.
#Badges Across and Down – Enter the number of badges across and down on a badge print sheet. For badge label rolls, such as labels for Dymo printers, enter “1” for both Across and Down.
Left and Top Margin – The Margin is the edge of a sheet that is not printable. It is assumed that left and right are the same dimensions, as well as top and bottom.
Horizontal and Vertical Gap – Gap is the measurement of space between badges on a sheet. Enter “0” for badge rolls.

  1. Disabled – if checked, indicates that this Stock Size is disabled and will not be listed in the stock size list.
  2. Select the Save button.

After you define the stock size, you can create a new badge templet using the stock size or change the stock size in an existing badge template.

From Home > Configure System> Badge Designs> Select the desired badge and then the Edit button. In Setting Details, select the desired Stock size from the Stock size dropdown and save the badge.