We have one license and we are considering using Kiosk. Will we still be able to log in to do reporting with just one license?

Licensing for PassagePoint is based on concurrent usuage.  With only one license, if you are using the desktop, you will not be able to run the Kiosk at the same time.  If you use the license to run Kiosk there is a way you can use another system for reporting. 

There is a default account in PassagePoint Global called "Admin".  This account is a Super User and can log in to do reporting and configuration. If you log in with your user account first you can then log in with the Super Admin "admin"account, that comes with the PassagePoint installation,you will be able to log in and do reporting.  If you log in with the Super Admin "admin" account first you won't be able to log in with your user account because the Super Admin "admin" log in will use up the client license.  

The "admin" user is the Super Admin and is the only admin that has this privilege. Any other admins created will receive an error alert "No client license is available. Either all licenses are in use, or licenses and stations in Control Center are misallocated."