I can’t print from PassagePoint

First check to see if the printer cable is plugged in to both the computer and the printer. Then go to your Windows Start Button and click on the “Devices and Printers”. Make certain that the icon for the printer is active and online. If yes then log into PassagePoint with an admin account. Check and see if the printer is defined in the PassagePoint Client Go to the Home Tab =>Station Preferences Ribbon

In some cases you may need to highlight the Printer shown on the Installed Devices List and remove it. Then click the Add button and add the printer back to the system. Once that is done go to the Visit Center and print a test Visitor badge.
If the printer is properly configured in PassagePoint and it still does not print then:

Test and see if you can do a test print from the print driver. Most drivers will allow a "test print"
If that does print, try printing from another app, i.e. Notepad.

If notepad also fails, check the print queue. Clear out and delete any stuck print jobs
After clearing out and printing again, if it still fails to print from notepad or the driver, please give the printer manufacture a call for further support.
If you can print from the driver or notepad and just fails in PassagePoint, call STOPware Technical Support.

In most cases, the above should resolve most non-printing issues.