How do I move PassagePoint Global to a different server?


Source Machine = Production server is the customer's server that contains the PassagePoint Global “config” folder and database
Destination Machine = New server for the PassagePoint Global “config” folder and database
NOTES:  Source machine and destination machine should use the same version of PassagePoint Global.
The product keys will need to be reset by STOPware before they can be loaded onto the new machine. Contact or to find and reset the keys
To move the PassagePoint Global Server software to a new machine:
On the Source Machine
1.    Stop the Passage Point service. Control Panel>Administrator Tools>Service - locate PassagePoint server and stop service.
2.    Backup the entire "Config" folder (C:\PPGlobal\Config)
3.    Backup the Database. 
a.    Start->all programs->postgreSQL->PGAdmin III
b.    Double-click on PostgreSQL Database Server 8.2
c.    Login with amber as the password (unless you've changed it)
d.    Once logged in, expand the directory until you can highlight the amber database and do a back-up (use the settings below)

SQL server or Oracle
Have SQL or Oracle DBA back-up the database from the Source Machine.
On The Destination Machine:
1.    Install PassagePoint Global on the new machine. Do not run the application after installation until all the steps are completed. 
2.    Restore the database on the Destination Machine.
a.    Open PGAdminIII and delete/drop amber.
b.    Right click Databases and create amber. Right click amber and follow the attached Restoring database file.
c.     Close the dialog box when you see “Process returned exit code “
SQL server or Oracle
Have SQL or Oracle DBA restore the database from the Source Machine and give you the new database location username/password (user must have DBO rights).

1. Replace the “Config” File (C:\PPGlobal\Config) on the new machine with a copy of the “Config” file from the old machine.
2. Remove \PPGlobal\Config\idinfo file.
3. Remove \PPGlobal\Client\idinfo file.
This step must be performed on each client machine OR you can skip this step now and after completing the below steps perform following:
a. Login to PassagePoint desktop client
b. Navigate to Home > Configure System > Database Tools
c. Click on Reset button given next to “Reset Id info:” and click OK
d. Restart PassagePoint Server and Clients.
4. Remove all files except publickey0 in \PPGlobal\Config\context\1\license\
5. Increase the 'counter value' in the seq.xml file at the path C:\PPGlobal\Config\context\1\seq.xml. Example: Add 500 in the current counter value.
              Note: If Config backup and Database backup is taken at the same point then this step is not required
6. Increase the 'counter value' in the prefix.xml file at the path C:\PPGlobal\Config\prefix.xml. Example: Add 500 in the current counter value.
7. If location of SQL server database has changed, make sure you change the location and username/password with the correct one given to you by the SQL/Oracle DBA in step #2 above. (The file that contains location and username/password is PPGlobal\Config\sqlcontext.xml)
8. Restart the PassagePoint Global service.