Sales - Frequently Asked Questions

Below are Frequently Asked Questions typically asked during the PassagePoint sales process.
For PassagePoint technical questions please see our Knowledgebase 


Q:  Will PassagePoint Global run on an iPad / Android tablet?
A:   No, PassagePoint Global needs to run on Windows.  It will run on a tablet computer running Windows 7 or Windows 8 that meet the system requirements. But, if you plan to run hardware from the tablet, bar code scanner, camera, etc, we only support the DT Research Tablet


Q: Is PassagePoint Global web-based?
A: Only the add-on software for our Web Pre-registration module is web-based.  PassagePoint Global is Windows based and needs to be installed on a Server (client-server) or a PC (standalone).


Q:  Will PassagePoint Global integrate with our Access Control System?
A:   We integrate with most major access control systems. Click here to see a list of our current partners. If you don’t see your access control system on the list, please contact us at to request the integration.


Q:  Can the visitor sign themselves in?
A:  Yes, PassagePoint Global can be set up as a Kiosk configuration. In Kiosk mode, the visitor can sign themselves in, similar to airline kiosks. You can set this up on a computer or we also offer all-in-one kiosk solutions. Click here to see some of our kiosk solutions.


Q:  Can we customize the fields / badge template?
A:   Yes, all the screens and badges are policy-driven and can be customized to your specific needs. PassagePoint Global is rule-based. This is perhaps the most powerful feature of PassagePoint Global.  It allows you to customize every screen by user and visitor type

Q:  What are the system requirements?
A: RAM, storage and application requirements
The table below lists the RAM, storage and application requirements for PassagePoint by install option.
 Table 1— Client Workstation (including Kiosk) Requirements for Windows


  Minimum Recommended
Processor Intel Pentium 3 or equivalent Intel Pentium 4 or better
RAM 2 GB 3 GB or more*
Hard Disk Space 200 MB 200 MB
Monitor SVGA (800x600) XVGA (1024x768) or higher
CD-ROM Required for installation Required for installation
Serial Ports USB 2.0 ports for devices USB 2.0 ports for devices

Table 2 —Standalone/Server (up to 5 users) Requirements for Windows

  Minimum Recommended
Processor Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent Intel Pentium 4 2.8 GHz or better
RAM 4 GB 6 GB or more*
Hard Disk Space 1 GB 30 GB**
Monitor SVGA (800x600) XVGA (1024x768) or higher
CD-ROM Required for installation Required for installation
Serial Ports USB 2.0 ports for devices USB 2.0 ports for devices

Table 3 —Server (up to 25 users) Requirements for Windows

  Minimum Recommended
Processor Intel Core 2 or equivalent Intel Xeon or better
RAM 4 GB 6 GB or more
Hard Disk Space 5 GB 30 GB **
Monitor SVGA (800x600) XVGA (1024x768) or higher
CD-ROM Required for installation Required for installation


* Additional RAM may be required when using multiple USB devices, such as license scanner, printer, barcode scanner, camera, biometric scanner, etc. USB 2 ports offer best performance.
Special Note: Assure Tech Scanners require a minimum of 4 Gigabytes of RAM and .NET Framework installed on the Client Workstation
** Hard disk space is based on moderate data growth. Please contact your PassagePoint representative for larger deployment requirements.

Port Requirements
PassagePoint Server requires TCP ports 2080, 2443, 9876 and 9875 to be available. Ports are used for communication from PassagePoint Client, Kiosk, Web Pre-Registration and Mobile to the PassagePoint Server. Additional configurable Tomcat administration ports may be needed, such as 8005, 8009 and 8082.


Q:  How much hard disk space is required?
A:  The hard disk space is dependent on how many visitors and what type of information you capture.
Here are the space requirements for one visitor for the type of information captured:

  • 1 visitor with no IDScan (text only) – 2 KB per record
  • 1 visitor with Driver License scan but no photo– 54.5 KB per record
  • 1 visitor with Driver License scan plus photo – 70.5 KB per record


Q:   How many licenses do I need?
A:    PassagePoint software uses concurrent licensing which means you need a client license key for each user logged in at the same time. 


Q:   What makes PassagePoint Global different from its competitors?
A:    PassagePoint by STOPware was the first visitor management system and created the market in 1997.  The company was founded by electrical contractors in the security industry, whose customers were asking for a visitor management system.  It is real world software – based on the needs of real customers. STOPware is an independent company owned and run by the original founder, dedicated to making the best software and keeping customers happy. It is unencumbered by corporate layers, other product priorities, and slow decision making and response time.


Q.  Do you have a chart comparing PassagePoint with other visitor management software such as EasyLobby?
A:  We don’t have a chart, but here are a few differences between our competitors and us:

  • PassagePoint was the first visitor management software on the market
  • PassagePoint Global is modern software recently completly updated and continuously updated and improved from customer feedback
  • PassagePoint Global is role and rule-based and completely customizable


Q.  Do I need to order a license for the server? 
A.  PassagePoint licensing is client/server, so you don’t need to order a separate license for the server.  PassagePoint offers the choice of client/server or standalone installation.


Q.  Does your software work on a Virtual server? 
A.   We have not tested our software with virtual servers, but we do have many customers successfully using virtual servers. 


Q. Can your software be used in a Citrix environment?
A.  Citrix is not officially supported with PassagePoint. In testing PassagePoint with Citrix, we found that the application worked, but we were unable to get the hardware devices to work properly (i.e. printer, scanner, etc.).


Q.  Will PassagePoint visitor management software work at a guard station?
A.  Yes, PassagePoint is used at guard stations, in parking lots or multi-housing entrances.  We offer mobile solutions specifically for this instance. To find out more, email


Q. How can I become a reseller for STOPware?
A.  STOPware welcomes new reseller requests!  Email, requesting reseller/integrator information.  We will respond with an application.  If you have a customer ready to order, we’ll handle your initial purchase order with payment via credit card. 


Q. What do you recommend for a customer with a small budget?
A.  We recommend PassagePoint Express for customers with one or two workstations and a small number of visitors. PassagePoint Express offers the ability to track visitors, print badges, scan business cards, as well as some simple reporting. Click here to learn more. Please note: this is not an option if you want to scan driver’s licenses, capture photos, utilize bar codes, etc. Please consult a sales representative to ensure that PassagePoint Express will meet your needs.


Q.  Can you help with completing a Request for Proposal document?
A.   Yes, we welcome the opportunity to help you with an RFP or a Request for Quote.  These documents are usually very detailed so please email  as soon as possible to give us time for a complete response.


Q.  I am a reseller, how do I know which PassagePoint edition to recommend to my customers?
A.  PassagePoint Global is the current STOPware edition (or PassagePoint EDU for schools).   Call 408-367-0220 option 1, or email, so a STOPware sales representative can find out more about your customer’s visitor management requirements, make recommendations and provide you with a quote.


Q.  How can I get pricing?
A.  Pricing is available from STOPware sales representatives, call 408-367-0220 option 1 or email us at: We will be happy to provide you with a quote.
Authorized Resellers may obtain a price list by contacting or calling 408-367-0220 ext. 104.