Gemalto QS1000 Passport Reader

Gemalto QS1000 Passport Reader
The Gemalto QS1000 Document and ID reader has the ability to read and transmit drivers' license and passport identification information into images. Use OCR data to capture and eliminate errors to quickly process Visitor data into PassagePoint Visitor Management System.

Reads Passports, Driver’s Licenses, Medical Insurance Cards, and Business Cards.



The Gemalto QS1000  reads passport size and card documents such as drivers' licenses, ID's and Machine Readable Travel Documents (MRTD). Combined with PassagePoint software, the complete solution reads and parses information from the MRZ (Machine Readable Zone) combined with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) in supported countries. This system is fast, highly accurate, has no moving parats and is easy to use creating a highly efficient visitor registration process.