Visitor and Lobby Security Features Added to PassagePoint Software

(November 15, 1999 - San Jose CA)
Companies can now sign-in visitors more efficiently and professionally through the combined technologies of computers and standard Web browsers, with today's release of PassagePro Intranet software from STOPware, inc.

The new Intranet version includes all the features of PassagePro Network via the desktop application, plus it enables any employee to pre-register customers, conference groups, suppliers or any other lobby visitors via a Web browser. The result is time saved at the receptionist's desk, pre-printed badges if desired, and an enhanced image for the organization.

By design, PassagePro Intranet features can be accessed using existing browser software, saving IT departments time and money in deployment and maintenance.

STOPware, inc. is the leader in full-featured lobby management and visitor security software, with a full line that ranges from PassageExpress, a stand-alone version for visitor registration, to the top of the line PassagePro Network and Intranet versions for multiple lobbies and buildings.

Both PassagePro Network and the Intranet software have many unique features, including tracking of deliveries and company property, extensive reporting capabilities, ability to monitor multiple lobbies from a central station, use of a visitor sign-in station for self-registration, and customized badge-printing.

The Intranet application adds not only browser-based visitor registration, it also gives employees access to an organization's internal look-up directories such as employee names and extensions. An unlimited number of employees in a company can use these PassagePro Intranet browser features, without need for any additional licensing or software.

For more information on PassagePro Intranet or any of STOPware's products for lobby and visitor management, call SuEllen Sterling at 408 367-0220, x105.

Contact: SuEllen Sterling
STOPware, inc.
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