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San Jose, CA-- October 2, 2002 -- 111 Eighth Avenue is one of the largest commercial buildings in New York City, and with today's security needs, the owners of 111 Eighth Avenue, 111 Chelsea LLC which is controlled by Taconic Investment Partners, realized improving building security was a necessary task.

"The building covers an entire city block, contains 2.8 million square feet and has multiple entrances," said Andrew Nick of Taconic Investment Partners. "Securing a facility with such an expansive footprint was a challenge. We wanted to make the building safe for our tenants and be up-to-date with the most current security technologies."

The team contracted with Siemens Building Technologies, Inc., for a solution. After careful consideration, Siemens chose technologies provided by selected business partners, including Software House and STOPware, Inc. Siemens utilized the C-CURE 800 access control with STOPware's PassagePoint visitor and lobby management software. [PassagePoint replaces the "pen and paper" badges and sign-in log that many companies have used in the past] 111 Eighth Avenue has completed a full conversion to a closed-building environment, utilizing the combination of technology and proper staffing.

The Security Solution

The new system includes state-of-the-art building, tenant, and visitor security, utilizing the C-CURE Access Control System, PassagePoint Visitor Management System, alarm-monitoring and digital closed circuit television systems (CCTV), which monitor the building perimeter and critical infrastructure areas. Both the access control and visitor management system include a Photo ID Badge system.

111 Eighth Avenue utilizes C-CURE Vision badging and programmed security cards with a digital photo image for all tenants. PassagePoint software with Photo Capture is used for all visitors and contractors, including the Intranet Module for pre-registration of visitors and guests. C-CURE 800, by Software House, is a scalable security management solution that seamlessly integrates numerous applications including access control and alarm monitoring, badging and digital imaging, email, paging, CCTV, elevator control and asset management. PassagePoint is a comprehensive software package that combines the requirements of security, badging and visitor management.

How it works

PassagePoint uses the C-CURE database of tenant names, so it is always current, allowing front lobby personnel to quickly link tenants with visitors and record visitor activity as they enter or leave the building. Professional-looking visitor badges are quickly produced while capturing and storing visitor information in an easy-to-use database. Guests can be pre-registered, so upon arrival their badge can be issued quickly and professionally. Photo-capture ID allows for easy recognition on nametag badges (all visitor photos are taken and printed on the visitor badge).

The building has its own courier system so that no outside couriers are allowed to deliver packages beyond the messenger center. Using PassagePoint's handheld-based delivery tracking system, the packages are recorded and labeled, then delivered by in-house couriers. Later, the handheld devices are synchronized with the PassagePoint database, using PassagePoint's special delivery tracking system.

"The combination of technologies utilized provides an integrated security solution that increases tenant safety and overall building security. The systems deployed enable an audit trail for all of the people and packages that enter 111 Eighth Avenue," said Phil Agranoff, Business Development Manager, Siemens Building Technologies, Inc.

The building, one of the largest multi-tenant buildings in New York, has become a technology showcase and is toured frequently by the real estate and security communities. The technologies in place at 111 Eighth Avenue are often considered the security standard for other buildings planning to complete a closed-building conversion.

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