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What's New at STOPware?

We Moved!

On 11/1/2015, STOPware headquarters moved from its 17 year location in San Jose, CA. We moved northeast of Silicon Valley to Pleasanton, a beautiful city located in the Tri-Valley area of the East Bay. The Tri-Valley is a growing tech area and we are excited to harness the talent and amenities offered in our new location.
Our new address is:
5000 Pleasanton Ave
Suite 210
Pleasanton CA 94566
Phone, fax, and email remain the same:

fax 408-367-0223
If you are in the Bay Area, please stop by and say hello! 

New Reseller Training/Certification Program

STOPware is excited to announce a new program designed to give you the tools needed to not only gain a better understanding of visitor management security, but also learn how to demo & quote PassagePoint Global for your customers.
Get Your PassagePoint Certification Today. Email us to learn more and to register you or your team.






Issue v1501


POPULAR TREND:  Mobile Visitor Management

Whether it's mobile receptionists greeting visitors walking into your building instead of sitting behind a desk or staff checking visitors at multiple locations to create accurate audit trails, mobile solutions are becoming a popular choice for many businesses today.
One solution for customers wanting a complete mobile visitor processing solution is the DT Research Mobile Tablet. Combine this multi-functional, slim yet rugged tablet with PassagePoint for a complete, real-time client and completely mobile visitor management solution. The DT Research Mobile Tablet can run wirelessly over your network or via bluetooth. The tablet has all the hardware needed built-in, including a barcode scanner, drivers license scanner and front & back cameras to take visitor photos.

Other Common Tablet Uses: Security officers patrolling campuses, guards at contractor entry gates and checkpoints, and manned parking and dock entrances.

Designed to Meet the Needs of the Mobile Visitor Management Trend
At STOPware we are always working to keep up with the latest and greatest hardware technology to offer our customers. Below are two new hardware offerings to keep your visitor security solution quick and seamless.
pcProx Nano Reader 
The pcProx Nano is the smallest mobile badge reader available for identification and enrollment of proximity cards. The Nano incorporates all the features of the desktop readers into an ultra-compact USB format. The pcProx Nano is available as either a vertical or horizontal USB.

The pcProx Nano works great with our DT Research Mobile Tablet to record the proximity card number you give visitors for access control with PassagePoint or to register visitors with their proximity card.


Honeywell 3820 Bluetooth Wireless Barcode Scanner
The Honeywell 3820 provides wireless bar code reading with a 33 foot working range and 24 inch read-range. The unit is highly durable to work in any environment and the dependable battery life enables up to 57,000 reads on a full charge. Now you can easily scan visitors in and out without being tied to a short cord.


New Release - PassagePoint Global Build 6354
As you may know, STOPware releases updates 3+ times per year to PassagePoint Global. These updates include new features & enhancements, customizations and bug fixes. The latest release is version 6354. To find out which version of PassagePoint Global you are currently running, go to: Home > Configure > Product Licenses. The version number is the last four digits of the product version.
PassagePoint version 6354 update includes the following:
·  Major upgrade to Acuant SDK -
Click here to see new functionality & template enhancements.
·  HL7 Integration Enhancements
o Add Support for setting Default Host Category
o Name change interface
o More Information Popup Configuration
o Map HL7 Patient's data to PassagePoint's Person
o Ability to print HL7 data on badge
o Set the Destination to Patient upon selecting a Patient Host
o Configure Intellihint Character Limit (Search HL7 by 1 character)
o Wildcard Search in Intellihint ("wildcard" searching for Patient lookup)
·  Lenel OnGuard Access Control Integration Enhancements
o Add Card Number to Lenel Sign-In Script
o Ability to always send Default Host to Lenel ACS on Sign-InAbility to specify Badge Type Ids
o Ability to send Access Levels from PassagePoint to Lenel ACS on Sign-In
Note: In order to have access to new product releases you need an active Software Support Plan. PassagePoint Software Support Plans have 3 main benefits:
1.     Free Product Updates available 3+ times per year filled with many new features & enhancements.
2.     Technical Support via mail, phone & online meetings to resolve any issues or assist with configurations to ensure you maximize the potential of the system for your organization.
3.     Online Help & Training Portal is a "private portal" with instant access to manuals, feature documentation, release notes, our support knowledge base and a step-by-step product installer.
To find out if you have an active support plan, contact


Did You Know PassagePoint Global Has a Notifier Feature?
If there is a situation in the building you can use the Evacuation Report to obtain a list of current visitors to account for people in the building, but how do you let the visitor's know there is a situation? You can use the Notifier feature.
The Notifier feature sends an email to selected active visitors registered with an email address. Click here to learn more and access the documentation on this very useful feature.
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