Frequently Asked Questions

What is the max number of names PassagePoint's intellihint feature can display?

The value by default is 25 but you can update this number. There is a setting named "maxHintRecords" available in screen policy of all screens (Pre-Reg, RapidReg, etc) as well as Kiosk. From there you can increase this number. There is no upper limit set for it.

Does PassagePoint encrypt data while in transit? If so, how?

PassagePoint uses a Secure Socket Layer or SSL conduit to move data from the client to the server. All data in transit is protected.

​Does the HL7 data for PassagePoint reside locally or in the cloud? ​How is the local system encrypted and secured?

All data resides on the customer’s network. The data is temporarily stored on a password secured database. Once the patient is discharged the patient information is deleted.

​What is included in the HL7 data stream for PassagePoint?

The PassagePoint HL7 module is only set to "listen" for the Patient’s First Name, Last Name, Unique Identifier (Typically the MRN), Nursing Unit, Room Number and bed Number. No PHI or PII information is gather and we do not violate HIPPAA!

Does the PassagePoint HL7 interface require a VPN tunnel?

PassagePoint Global is a Client-Server product and as such is hosted on the customers network. STOPware uses an HL7 listener on the network. No data leaves the customers network.

How does PassagePoint connect to our internal personnel database?

PassagePoint can link to multiple types of Employee Directories for real-time look ups. Typically, Customers are linking PassagePoint to Active Directory via LDAP. 

Can an iPad wirelessly connect to a badge printer?

PassagePoint is not compatible with an iPad, but this can be achieved using a Windows tablet, such as a MS Surface Pro, connected via wireless network

Can PassagePoint print access barcodes on a visitor badge to open turnstiles?

Yes - PassagePoint can be configured to automatically generate access numbers (for supported Access Control Systems) as a 1D or 2D barcode to open turnstiles.

Is PassagePoint compatible with S2 Access Control?

Yes - PassagePoint has a seamless integration with S2. The integration allows temporary credentials (cards, barcodes, etc) to be assigned to Visitor.

What is the architecture/network configuration for PassagePoint?


PassagePoint can be installed as stanadard client-server (networked) or standalone.   In addition, other clients can connect to the standalone configuation.  

Networked requires installing PassagePoint Client locally and configured to access PassagePoint Server software running on a remote server.

Standalone assumes that the server/client application resides on a single machine. All these options are available in the installation options.

This document shows the architecture diagrams for common PassagePoint network configurations. PassagePoint Architecure Examples

Can PassagePoint Global search Sex Offender Registries and/or Government denied lists?

Yes, PassagePoint can search Sex Offender Registries and/or Government denied lists with the addition of the subscription based screening services.  In addition, the two most popular government lists, Denied Persons List and Specially Designated Nationals List can be manually imported into the PassagePoint database with a push of a button in PassagePoint Global without any subscription.  

The yearly subscribtion services are outlined in the attached documents.

Government Watch Lists

Sex Offender Search

What languages are supported in PassagePoint Global?

There are 9 languages currently supported in the PassagePoint Global Desktop client:
  • English
  • English -United States
  • English-Canada
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Chinese-Simplified
  • Chinese-Traditional
  • Japanese

The Kiosk supports six languages by default:
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Japanese
  • Chinese-Simplified

Currently English is the only language available in the Web Client.

Is there another language you need? Let us know and we can let you know if its on our development roadmap. Thanks

Which PassagePoint compatible scanners use OCR (Optical Character Recognition)?

The following PassagePoint compatible scanners use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) when scanning ID's:

  • SnapShell R2
  • SnapShell Passport
  • ScanShell 900DX Duplex Image Drivers License Scanner (does both OCR and electronic reading)
  • ScanShell 1000B
  • ScanShell 800NR
  • Scanshell 800R

For more information on these devices visit the Drivers License/Passport Scanners Hardware page at:

Do you have a Mac based visitor badging solution?

Visitor management software from STOPware is Windows based.

How can I get pricing?

Pricing is available from STOPware sales representatives, call 408-367-0220 option 1 or email us at: We will be happy to provide you with a quote.

Authorized Resellers may obtain a price list by contacting or calling 408-367-0220 ext. 104. 

I am a reseller, how do I know which PassagePoint edition to recommend to my customers?

PassagePoint Global is the current STOPware edition (or PassagePoint EDU for schools).   Call 408-367-0220 option 1, or email, so a STOPware sales representative can find out more about your customer’s visitor management requirements, make recommendations and provide you with a quote.

What do you recommend for a customer with a small budget?

We recommend PassagePoint Express for customers with one or two workstations and a small number of visitors. PassagePoint Express offers the ability to track visitors, print badges, scan business cards, as well as some simple reporting. Click here to learn more. Please note: this is not an option if you want to scan driver’s licenses, capture photos, utilize bar codes, etc. Please consult a sales representative to ensure that PassagePoint Express will meet your needs. 

How can I become a reseller for STOPware?

STOPware welcomes new reseller requests!  Email, requesting reseller/integrator information.  We will respond with an application.  If you have a customer ready to order, we’ll handle your initial purchase order with payment via credit card. 

Will PassagePoint visitor management software work at a guard station?

Yes, PassagePoint is used at guard stations, in parking lots or multi-housing entrances.  We offer mobile solutions specifically for this instance. To find out more, email

Can your software be used in a Citrix environment?

Citrix is not officially supported with PassagePoint. In testing PassagePoint with Citrix, we found that the application worked, but we were unable to get the hardware devices to work properly (i.e. printer, scanner, etc.).

Does your software work on a Virtual server?

We have not tested our software with virtual servers, but we do have many customers successfully using virtual servers.

Do I need to order a license for the server?

PassagePoint licensing is client/server, so you don’t need to order a separate license for the server.  PassagePoint offers the choice of client/server or standalone installation.

Do you have a chart comparing PassagePoint with other visitor management software such as EasyLobby?

We don’t have a chart, but here are a few differences between our competitors and us:

  • PassagePoint was the first visitor management software on the market
  • PassagePoint Global is modern software recently completly updated and continuously updated and improved from customer feedback
  • PassagePoint Global is role and rule-based and completely customizable

What makes PassagePoint Global different from its competitors?

PassagePoint by STOPware was the first visitor management system and created the market in 1997.  The company was founded by electrical contractors in the security industry, whose customers were asking for a visitor management system.  It is real world software – based on the needs of real customers. STOPware is an independent company owned and run by the original founder, dedicated to making the best software and keeping customers happy. It is unencumbered by corporate layers, other product priorities, and slow decision making and response time. 

How many licenses do I need?

PassagePoint software uses concurrent licensing which means you need a client license key for each user logged in at the same time.