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There are two reasons you might need to perform a software upgrade:

  1. To upgrade from one PassagePoint product to an entirely different product.  For example, PassagePoint Enterprise to PassagePoint Global.
  2. If your PassagePoint Global installation is on a version lower than 6313, you must do a complete upgrade. (Note: once you are upgraded to 6313 or higher, simply use the update path.)

UPGRADE:  PassagePoint 4.5 to PassagePoint Global
Upgrading from PassagePoint 4.5 to the most recent version of PassagePoint Global requires the following:

  • An active support plan (covers up to four hours of upgrade support)
  • Admin rights on the server

Once you have completed the check list, schedule an appointment with STOPware Support to complete the upgrade; email or call Monday thru Friday between 6am – 5pm PST @ 408-367-0220


UPGRADE:   PassagePoint Global version lower than 6313 to the current version of PassagePoint Global, follow the steps below.