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What version of Microsoft SQL does PassagePoint support?

MS SQL Server 2008, 2012, 2014, 2016, and 2017

What database options are supported in PassagePoint Global?

PostgresSQL is the default Database program for PassagePoint. PostgreSQL is part of the PassagePoint installation package. You do not have to purchase it separately.

PassagePoint also works with:

  • MS SQL Server 2008, 2012, 2014, 2016, and 2017
  • Oracle 12c.

How can I can log into PassagePoint when the admin username is not accepted after re-installing?

You cannot log in because PostgreSQL did not create the database and amber login. To create the database and amber login:
1.    Launch pgAdmin III>> Found under windows start> all programs> posgreSQL 9.2> pgAdmin III
2.    Expand> Server Groups> Servers> PostgreSQL 9.2 (x86) (localhost:5342)
3.    Expand Databases> Highlight "postgres"> click on the SQL icon

4.    In the "query" window, copy the text below and paste into the "query" window.
  ENCRYPTED PASSWORD 'md5d4ed0ca336e864f4c46f6c630b9f9572'
5.    Highlight the text then hit "execute query"

6.    Restart the PassagePoint services.

How do I change and encrypt the database password?

To change the database password:

1.    Navigate to the following directory: 
           For PassagePoint Global:  root directory\PPGlobal\config\sqlcontext.xml
           For PassagePoint EDU:  root directory\PPEDU\config\sqlcontext.xml
2.    Edit the sqlcontext.xml file using a text editor.
3.    In the string below, type/paste the new password between the <value></value>
      <property name="password">

Once the changes are made to the password in the sqlcontext.xml, the PassagePoint services will need to be restarted to include the changes in the sqlcontext.xml.

To encrypt the database password:

1.    Open the command prompt as Administrator
2.    Change Directory (cd) to PPGlobal\Config or PPEDU\config
3.    Type Encrypt followed by the password 

See screenshot

The new string 

To copy the string:
1.    Hit the command icon in the top left corner
2.    Select Edit
3.    Select Mark

4.    Highlight the encrypted password string>> Then hit the "Enter Key" to copy the highlighted string

5.    Edit the sqlcontext.xml file using a text editor.

Once the changes are made to the password in the sqlcontext.xml, the PassagePoint services will need to be restarted to pick up the changes in the sqlcontext.xml.

List of Ports used by PassagePoint

2080 -> Default Web port, to run PassagePoint web on http
2443 -> Default Web SSL port, to run PassagePoint web on https
9080 -> Default HL7 port (if configured)
9876 -> PassagePoint server port
2081 -> Rest API connector port (if configured)
8005 -> Default Tomcat shutdown port
8009 -> Default AJP port for Tomcat

Setting up Oracle 12c with PassagePoint

Use this document to set up Oracle 12c for use with PassagePoint: PassagePoint Setting Up Oracle 12c

Illegal Characters not Allowed in the "sqlContext.xml: File

The sqlContext.xml file is a config file which contains the connection string to the backend database and the username/password to the database. Because it is in XML format, it cannot contain illegal XML characters. 

Illegal XML characters are &, < and > (as well as " or ' in attributes)

If you want to use these characters, it is possible to replace these characters with the appropriate escape keys.

See below for the illegal xml character and it's escape replacement keys.

How to Install the E-Seek 260

Steps to install E-Seek 260

  1. Plug in the device (If plugged in for first time wait till drivers get auto install)
  2. A valid Acuant Activation Code should be present
  3. Acuant SDK 10.11.0406 (released in 6368) or higher version should be installed (as SDK 10.11.0406 supports new Acuant installer)
  4. From the PassagePoint client application

                        o Home - Station Preferences
                        o Add Magnetic-stripe Readers - E-Seek Model 250 (will work for E-Seek 260 also)
                        o Enter device name
                        o Enter Valid Acuant ‘Activation Code’ > click Finish

  1. Restart PassagePoint desktop client

How can I prevent hardware - R2 scanner, passport scanner, DYMO printer, etc. - from dropping its connection to the system?

Hardware connection dropping is usually due to the USB port “falling asleep”.   To avoid the port from “falling asleep”, disable the power saver setting on the port.  

Do you support Canadian Sex Offender Registries?

No, our data provider does not support Canadian Sex Offender Registries.

Data is mined from sex offender registries in all 50 USA states and a large number of Indian Reservations. US Territories like Guam, Virgin Islands and the Northern Mariana Islands are also included in the data search. 

How do I change the brightness for images taken with the Logitech Web Camera?

To change the brightness of images taken with the Logitech Web Camera,

  1.  Download and install the Logitech Webcam Software, if not already installed.
  3. Launch the Logitech Webcam Software
  4. Click on the “Webcam Controller” in the red box.
  5. In the Web Cam Controller>> Click on Advanced Settings
  6. To Change the properties, uncheck “AUTO
  7. Change the Brightness to the desired Brightness and select “Save”.

Full procedure with images - Change Brightness in Logitech Web Camera

What is the encryption method for encrypting licenses or visitor photos saved on the Server?

PassagePoint uses DES (Data Encryption Standard) to encrypt all images in PassagePoint.

How do I put my company image on the kiosk welcome screen?

The image needs to be a jpg format that is 365x200 (WxH) in size.

  1. From Home> Configure System> Screen policy> Select "Kiosk Screens" from the Screen Type from dropdown.
  2. Expand kiosk screens by clicking on the "+" next to kiosk screens.  Highlight "KioskWelcome" and select Edit.
  3. In Setting details, click on the image. From the bottom left hand corner under Properties, select "image"
  4. Click into the image field highlighted in red. Click on the down arrow to select your image.
  5. Select the enter key to finalize the picture selected and select the "save" button at the top (with the floppy disk icon).

How can I move the sign in/out buttons on the kiosk welcome screen?

The sign in and out buttons can’t be moved.  You can change the text, but you can’t change the placement of the buttons on the screen or their function.

Migrate Data Source to SQL Server

To migrate to SQL:
1.    Create a clean database in SQL Server.  You can get username/password (SQL authentication) from your DBA (database administrator).
2.    In Database tools => select Migrate data source
3.    Set the JDBC Target Data Source Configuration:
If  you have a SQL instance:
If there is no instance:
4.    Select the "Test" button. You should see the "checking...." message.
5.    Then select the “Migrate” button.

6.    Have DBA check the database to make sure the schema is created and data is present.

7.    Rename your sqlContext.xml file to sqlContext.xml.old
8.    Rename your sqlContext.xml.mssql to sqlContext.xml
9.    Modify sqlContext.xml to connect to new SQL server database.
 Don't forget the username and password in that sqlcontext file, as well.

10. Restart the PassagePoint service.

How to Change PassagePoint's Default 8009 Port

You can change this port in PassagePoint to another number.
To change the port number:

1. Edit 'server.xml' located at path 'C:\PPGlobal\Tomcat\conf\'

2. Search for:
 <Connector port="8009" protocol="AJP/1.3" redirectPort="2443" enableLookups="false" tomcatAuthentication="false"/>
Change port "8009" to any value you want. Make sure you change the actual port number and not just the comments above it.

3. Restart the server.

Is there a way to activate a CCTV camera if someone from the internal watch list tries to check in?

It is not a current feature in PassagePoint. A CCTV camera can’t be activated in PassagePoint if a person from the internal watch list tries to check in.

How do I install and configure the CODE CR1021 Barcode Scanner?

Installing the barcode scanner for PassagePoint Global:

1.    Connect the barcode scanner to your computer. 
2.    Download the file at:
3.    Extract all folders and documents either onto your desktop or a desired location on your computer.
4.    Extract the following zip files from the extracted folder :
‘C006849-1026-system-cr1000-CD-GEN-Firmware’ zip
‘D009015-SOFTWARE-CortexTools-2-3-0-Software’zip folders
5.    Run CortexInstall_v2.3.0.msi and complete the installation process.
6.    Open Device Manager (for accessing device manager open properties of your computer) and verify “Ports” is visible or not. If not then install:
For 32 bit OS “D020965-SOFTWARE-USB-Virtual-COM-Driver-for-Win-7-and-8--32-bit--Software”
For 64 bit OS “D020966-SOFTWARE-USB-Virtual-COM-Driver-for-Win-7-and-8--64-bit--Software”
7.    Open document “STOPware Kiosk configuration AA 06102014” and scan the barcode given in the document.
8.    CR1000/Reader should install. Restart your computer.

Configuring the barcode scanner for PassagePoint Global:

1.    Start the PassagePoint Client> Navigate to Station Preferences> Add> Barcode Scanners> Generic serial barcode scanner with the following settings:
Serial Port (select the USB Virtual COM Port installed in above step)
Baud Rate: 115200
2.    Save and Restart PassagePoint Client.
3.    The scanner will now scan 1D/linear barcode successfully.
Note for 2D barcode scan you will need Activation License from Acuant.
1.    If you already have Activation License, then:
2.    Start PassagePoint Client> Navigate to Station Preferences> Add> Magnetic-Stripe Readers> Driver License Parser> Enter any name and the Activation Code> Finish
3.     Restart the PassagePoint Client.
4.    Both 1D and 2D scans should work now.
If you do not have an Activation License from Acuant, please contact STOPware to purchase one for each scanner.

How can I change information on a group or visitor Web pre-registration?

The best way to update an existing pre-registration (individual or group) would be to go to "Upcoming Visits"; select the person or group; change any details or add/ remove Visitors; then save to update the system.

What is the architecture/network configuration for PassagePoint?


PassagePoint can be installed as stanadard client-server (networked) or standalone.   In addition, other clients can connect to the standalone configuation.  

Networked requires installing PassagePoint Client locally and configured to access PassagePoint Server software running on a remote server.

Standalone assumes that the server/client application resides on a single machine. All these options are available in the installation options.

This document shows the architecture diagrams for common PassagePoint network configurations. PassagePoint Architecure Examples

How can you add another guest or make edits to an existing registered group without another confirmation email going out to the entire group in Web Pre-registration?

To prevent the email from re-sending, uncheck the -Email Visitor Invitation- and -Email Host and Other Hosts Reminder- check boxes.

What Dymo label type would I use for a stock size of 2.125" x 3.8125"?

The Dymo Name Badge is similar in size and will work in the Dymo Labelwriter with your stock.

Are the TCP ports needed for remote support of the PassagePoint system?

No, the TCP ports are communication ports between the client and the server only.

Why will TCP ports 5431, 3080, 2443 and 9875 be required to be available if this is a standalone solution?

The ports are communication ports between the client and server.  If you are using PassagePoint as a standalone solution, the ports are not required to be available since the program will be communicating locally.

Is Microsoft SQL Enterprise or Standard Edition needed?

PassagePoint comes with a default database – PostgreSQL.  PassagePoint also works with MS SQL Server and Oracle.  If you want to use Microsoft SQL as your database you can, but it is not a requirement as PostgreSQL is packaged with PassagePoint.